When Treadmills Act Like Clothes Hangers

So how many of you have gone to the store and bought a piece of home exercise equipment? How many of you have seen a commercial on TV that shows the latest and greatest contraption to get “A flat stomach, toned body and muscular arms” and you just had to join the millions of satisfied customers that bought the equipment?

treadmillhangerA show of hands please. Yep, I bet each and every one of you have purchased something over the course of your lifetime.

The home exercise equipment industry is a billion-dollar business. There are so many pieces of equipment that the typical consumer gets confused about what they should buy. You can buy ellipticals, treadmills, multi-use gyms, benches, stability balls, racks and racks of dumbbells……the list goes on and on.

And what about those lovely contraptions on TV?

You had the immortal Thighmaster, the Gazelle, the Ab Lounge, Bowflex, etc., etc., etc.

So what happens when you buy this equipment? You use it for maybe six weeks and then stop. You get bored, confused and lazy.

But don’t worry. You are just like everyone else.

The treadmill turns into a clothes hanger. The weight bench acts like a table and collects all the other stuff that you have in your basement. This is where buyers’ remorse sets in. Why did I spend hundreds perhaps thousands of dollars on this attractive piece of equipment, and I don’t use it anymore?

Don’t feel embarrassed. You’re not alone. I think I should start a support group for everyone that has gone through this mental anguish.

First off, let me tell you a little secret about all the commercials on TV selling exercise equipment. The ‘customers’ that they use who give the wonderful testimonials…..the majority of them are paid actors.

Yep, earth shattering isn’t it?

When you watch these commercials, get past all the hype and awe-inspiring glory and read the fine print at the bottom. You will typically see “Results Not Typical” or “You must follow a regular exercise routine AND (this is the big one) follow a sensible diet.”

You mean when I jump on an Ab Lounge and do my five minutes of ab work that I won’t get the “toned abs and flat stomach” like the people on TV? I thought that was all I needed to do!

HA! You’ve been mesmerized by all the claims and all the hype that the common sense muscle in your head failed to catch that.

AbHancerThe one testimonial that I roll my eyes at all the time comes from, once again, the Ab Lounge. I can vividly see the blond babe pulling out the waist band on her pants and saying in so many words, “I lost X pounds just by doing the Ab Lounge for five minutes each day!”

No you didn’t. You lost it by eating sensibly, doing other exercise routines AND using your $50.00 piece of equipment.

I’m all for our capitalist system and trying to get your piece of the pie. But to claim that all these wonderful benefits can be yours just by using their one piece of equipment is misleading and ethically wrong.

So what do you do?

Well, first you hire a personal fitness trainer….. (whoa….blatant paid advertisement there). But seriously, you can get all the wonderful benefits of all that gym equipment and contraptions on TV just by doing body weight routines – pushups, squats, lunges, etc.  Or you can buy a simple stability ball and a set of adjustable dumbbells.

That’s it!

Of course, eating sensibly is numero uno in losing weight. But you knew that already, right?

So take your clothes off your treadmill, hang them up IN the closet and do not fall for the latest and greatest exercise equipment shown on TV. You know that it will end up in storage, you will still weigh the same and you will have buyers’ remorse.


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