In-Home Personal Training

Ava2What do you think of when you hear about personal training in Fort Collins?

Does it conjure up images of muscle-bound personal trainers in a gym, holding a clip board and yelling at their clients to get, “ONE MORE!” while they look at the latest text message on their phone and think about the next supplement they are going to sell to you?

Does it mean that you need to use all that fancy equipment that comes with a gym membership to get you in the best shape of your life?

Does it mean you must spend HOURS lifting weights and doing boring, mindless cardio on an elliptical machine?

Does it mean that you must only exercise and not pay attention to what you eat, or vice versa, in order to lose weight?

If any of these fit your perception of what personal training is like in Fort Collins, prepare to change your paradigm.

I started Core Fitness and Nutrition in 2003 with the goal of turning what personal trainers do with their clients on its head. With Core Fitness and Nutrition, there are no gym memberships, no fancy equipment, no supplements to take, no fad diets and no long, drawn-out personal training sessions.

First, we do not need a gym. Gyms are for those people who are not creative with their workouts, need to see their friends and have a chat fest or like to work with the latest personal trainer who just got certified.

Do you know that you have all the equipment you need in order to get you in the best shape of your life in your own home? Yes, you read that correctly. And if you don’t have enough equipment, WE WILL BRING THE EXERCISE EQUIPMENT TO YOU!­­

Second, if you think that all you have to do is exercise as hard as you can to lose weight, then you are doing it wrong. Most personal trainers won’t tell you this, but nutrition is 80% of the weight-loss equation. Because of this, I work with local Registered Dietitians whose approach complements what I will do with you when you are exercising. Those clients that meet with one of the registered dietitians and work as hard as they can with me get the best results!

Third, if you think that the minimum time you need to exercise is at least an hour, then it’s time to stop doing that and think about why. My programs are only 30 minutes long! Why 30 minutes? Look, you are busy. You have a lot of other things going on in your life. If it’s work, family, hobbies, etc., exercise is just one more thing to fit in your busy schedule, right?

Craig2And what is the biggest excuse that people come up with to not exercise? You guessed it…time. The old adage of “more is better” does not apply to exercise.

I only need 30 minutes 2-3x/week to get you in the best shape of your life. Don’t believe me? Then go check out my clients’ personal training success stories.

Finally, what is the hardest part of starting an exercise program? Is it the exercises? Is it the time commitment?

No, it is your motivation. The hardest part of exercise is your mental outlook. If you THINK you can be healthy, you will do whatever it takes to be healthy. If you WANT to change your current lifestyle then you will do so when you are ready.

The hardest six inches to change when it comes to exercise is not the six inches around your waist, but it is the SIX INCHES OF SPACE IN YOUR HEAD!

Ask other personal trainers if they will mentally prepare you to change your life. Most personal trainers only look at their clients as someone who will do what they tell them to do and that’s it. In my experience, most clients NEED that mental conditioning to help them not only achieve their goals, but to change their entire paradigm of what health and fitness is about. You have to be mentally ready to want to make a change.

So, in a nutshell, my exercise programs:

  • Get you in the best shape of your life without a gym membership and all that fancy equipment.
  • Get you in the best shape of your life by meeting in your home or place of business.
  • Get you in the best shape of your life without trying to sell you supplements.
  • Get you in the best shape of your life by focusing on both exercise AND nutrition.
  • Get you in the best shape of your life by only working with me 2-3x/week for only 30 minutes each time. Heck, some clients meet with me only 1x/week and STILL see amazing results!
  • Get you focused on achieving your goals and give you the desire to make a complete fitness lifestyle change.

If this all sounds good to you, then go to my contact page and let’s get together to see if my programs will work for you! Onward!

Dennis Blair, Fort Collins Personal Trainer

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