Get in the best shape of your life in the safety of your own home or office!


Get in the best shape of your life in the safety of your own home or office!

Online personal training also available!

Online fitness training to help you achieve your fitness goals while staying safe at home.


Online fitness training to help you achieve your fitness goals while staying safe at home.

  • 30-minute personal training sessions that give you 2x the results
  • Exercise in the privacy of your own home or at your office
  • No gym membership or equipment required
  • Only Fort Collins Personal Training company with a Registered Dietitian
  • Servicing all homes and businesses in Fort Collins and Loveland

Nanette Cabrera Colip recommends Core Fitness & Nutrition.

Dennis is great! I have tried many different exercise routines and this is the one I have stayed with the longest (over 2 years). With Dennis, I don't get bored because he switches up the routines. The best part is he comes to you so you can't blow off a workout - and it only takes 30 minutes. No gym membership needed! Core Fitness is a smart investment on my own health.

Michelle Bradley recommends Core Fitness & Nutrition.

Best personal trainer I've ever had. I've had a trainer off and on for 10 years and they never lasted. For the first time, I actually want to stick with it. Its been 10 weeks and I'm feeling great. People are starting to notice my weight loss and toning! Highly recommend Dennis!

Julie Reed David recommends Core Fitness & Nutrition.

Dennis is the real deal. No gimmicks, no "trendy" workouts/diets for sale here. He is simply an encouraging, challenging, and supportive fitness trainer who wants the best from his clients. I love that the workouts you get are so connected to everyday movements- functional exercises- that help you run better, lift better, bike better. Dennis is also very entertaining company as you curse him silently under your breath (or out loud if you're me!) during that third set of pushups. Dennis pushes you but not in an intimidating way. Instead you feel like you're really in this thing together and that's definitely what I want from a trainer.

Esther Hansen recommends Core Fitness & Nutrition.

Dennis is the most compassionate, intelligent personal trainer I've met. Not weak compassionate - he will delivery challenging, science-based, targeted workouts - but caring compassionate. He takes time to understand your story, what makes you tick and cares for you as a whole person. He is never judgemental but is encouraging, patient and delivers results! You're in good hands.

Jacquelyn Watson

Where do I start with Dennis? Well, in a nutshell, he changed my life. In March 2016, I took a vacation to my hometown in Florida and found myself crying next to my partner as I looked at photos of us on the beach. I had hit my final breaking point. I was at my…

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Valerie Yoh

Before signing up with Dennis, I was 80 pounds overweight and in need of major changes in my life for better health. From his website, I could see that Dennis and his team of personal trainers had something special to offer. I was impressed by his variety of clients (no athletes or bodybuilders here!), his…

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20 Years of Changing Lives!

Today is the day. Twenty years ago on August 24, 2003, I received my official notification from the Colorado Secretary of State’s office that: “Core Fitness and Nutrition, LLC has complied with the applicable provisions of the laws of the State of Colorado and on this date is in good standing and authorized and competent…

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