Jacquelyn Watson

Where do I start with Dennis? Well, in a nutshell, he changed my life. In March 2016, I took a vacation to my hometown in Florida and found myself crying next to my partner as I looked at photos of us on the beach. I had hit my final breaking point. I was at my…

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Lauren Fry

Dennis was an absolute game changer for me. I spent years (years!) trying to manage my diet and exercise by myself. I tried everything from gym classes, in home machines, Weight Watchers, and even juice fasts! What Dennis did was provide me with a reason to be accountable (he’s coming, rain or shine!), a method…

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Valerie Yoh

Before signing up with Dennis, I was 80 pounds overweight and in need of major changes in my life for better health. From his website, I could see that Dennis and his team of personal trainers had something special to offer. I was impressed by his variety of clients (no athletes or bodybuilders here!), his…

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David S.

I was pretty hesitant getting a personal trainer as most of the trainers I have come across have been conceited, full of themselves and obnoxious. I work from home so the idea of someone coming to the house a few times a week was appealing. I decided to sit down and talk to Dennis and…

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Brittany Foster

Since beginning my personal training program six months ago, I have lost 31 pounds, 21 inches and have gone from a size 10 to a size 4 in pants! I accomplished these amazing results by meeting with Dennis only 30 minutes two times a week! I have changed my lifestyle completely. Dennis’ programs provide the…

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Mary Dolce

I wasn’t sure I should do a testimonial. I mean… I am not at my ideal weight; I don’t feel like an ‘after’ picture just yet…why would anyone care what I have to say??? But there have been big changes with me over the past year. My entire adult life I’ve been in a war…

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Teah Welch

My story is probably the story you have heard a thousand different times. I was incredibly fit growing up through high school where I was active and played rugby, a physically intense sport. When I graduated and moved to college the transformation slowly began, and not in a good way. I worked out about 5-6…

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Stephanie Goel

I’m writing this to not only brag about my first accomplishment worth bragging about, but to infinitely thank and praise the fellas that got me here. In January 2016, I ended a 2.5-year relationship that was detrimental. In the period of the relationship, I had put on somewhere in the range of 40+ pounds and…

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Ryan Korb

Dennis is a pleasure to train with. A bit of a tough and brutal pleasure though it may be! When Dennis and I met, I was at a real turning point with my health. I had put on about 20 pounds and in total, about 35 pounds over my goal weight. At first, I had…

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Erin Sprain

Recently, I decided to treat myself to a personal trainer in Fort Collins. Like many people I thought I would train for a few sessions and then be good on my own. After I finished working with Dennis, I lost 23 pounds and I ran my first marathon! I was so happy with my experience…

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