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Is Eating Saturated Fat Good For You?

In the past year or so, there has been a growing debate questioning the consumption of saturated fat and the alleged ill effects from doing so. There are more studies being done focusing on highly refined carbohydrates and the effects they may have on diseases such as heart disease, cancer, etc.

And to tell you the truth, it’s starting to make sense to me.

Now this isn’t advocating that we all go out and eat bacon by the bucket load or that we all start following the Atkins diet (which has the word “diet” in there so it’s automatically bunk).

This is about what we have been led to believe when it comes to our nutrition. You cannot overlook the influence that our whole industrial food complex has had on our nation’s food supply. And when you really do the research, it is very, very scary.

But I’ll give you this little teaser video to watch and let you get a little taste about what the debate is all about:

Just some food for thought for sure. I’ll be discussing this further as this becomes more and more of a hot button issue.

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