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20 Years of Changing Lives!

Today is the day. Twenty years ago on August 24, 2003, I received my official notification from the Colorado Secretary of State’s office that: “Core Fitness and Nutrition, LLC has complied with the applicable provisions of the laws of the State of Colorado and on this date is in good standing and authorized and competent…

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How to Set Healthy Diet Goals

When it comes to establishing healthy diet goals, incorporating the SMART principle is a great place to start eating healthy.

When it comes to healthy diet goals, have you ever told yourself that you can’t eat certain things, such as sugar, or that you “shouldn’t be eating that much”? Are you trying to “save” calories, or are you aiming to lose weight? If neither of those is working, it could be that you are setting…

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How to Create the Perfect Home Gym

Setting up a home gym is easy to do. Here are some tips for all the equipment that you need to have the perfect home gym.

If you’re looking to start working out at home, one of the most important factors in getting started will be your home gym setup. If you’re thinking about creating a home gym but aren’t sure how to set it up, this guide will help you through the entire process. We’ll cover choosing which equipment should…

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5 Reasons to Try Spinning Workouts

It’s the fitness trend of the century – spinning workouts! Are you tired of not getting the fitness results you expect from your daily workouts? Do you feel like you’re running every day but never getting anywhere? If your answer is yes, it might be time to spin some wheels.  A spinning workout is one…

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Exercises for Mountain Bikers

By incorporating some specific exercises for mountain biking, you can make your ride much easier and enjoyable

So, you’ve decided you’re in Fort Collins, right next to the mountains, why not get a mountain bike and take advantage of all the amazing weather and single-track trails right in your backyard? You run to your local bike shop, spend more money than you thought you ever would on a bike and cycling gear,…

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Sports Supplements – The Pros and Cons

Sports supplements have always been popular for athletes, but everyday people are now purchasing supplements from a billion-dollar-a-year industry. These people want to boost their athletic performance. Sports supplements can be incredibly helpful, but there are also some considerations to take into account before you start taking them. The benefits of sports supplements Sports supplements…

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Staying Motivated with your Exercise Program

Creating an exercise program will help you accomplish your health and fitness goals.

Finding the right exercise program and sticking to it is not only difficult but obviously allows you to reap the benefits down the road. Not only do you get to stay in shape, but you can eliminate the extra pounds and prevent many health issues. However, the main challenge when it comes to starting an…

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End of Year 2021

End of the year update for Fort Collins Personal Trainer for 2021

It’s the end of the year! We made it! 🙂 Where do I start with 2021? So much has happened this year. To put it in a nutshell…I have never had a year like this year. 2021 will be remembered as the year that my business exploded. When the beginning of 2021 rolled around, I…

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Which Smartwatch is Best For You?

Picking the right smartwatch will help you track your health and fitness goals.

If you want a good fitness smartwatch, you either go for a Fitbit or an Apple Watch. But which one is the better option for you? That depends on a variety of factors as you might imagine. It all comes down to understanding what you expect and what features you want the most. That being…

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Mental Health and Exercise

exercise can help boost your mental health

Is it possible to improve your mental health through exercise and establishing a great fitness routine? The short answer is yes. Exercise is by far one of the best ways for you to boost your mental health and push it to the next level. It’s also exciting, a lot of fun, and it will make…

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