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No Regrets


Recently I stumbled on a blog focused on regret. Secret Regrets asks for people to submit their biggest regret and encourages posters to check back daily to see if their regret was posted. The only identifying information that’s provided is the poster’s age and gender. Intrigued, I glanced through the blog which is updated daily with…

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Why You Don’t Need A Gym Membership in Fort Collins

gym membership in fort collins

Having a gym membership in Fort Collins seems to be a part of the experience of living here. I just did a quick Google search of “gyms in Fort Collins”, and I stopped counting at 40! In the last 10 years, our town has exploded with so many options that it makes it confusing to…

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Exercise Machines: The Pros and Cons

exercise machines

When it comes to exercise, some people like to go to the gym to use the exercise machines. For those that choose the gym, they are often faced with the decision of choosing free weights or exercises done on a machine. There are pros and cons of which exercises to do depending on your fitness…

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Yoga for Mental Health


Do you think yoga can help with your mental health? Are you continually stressing about life? Working under pressure? There are a lot of health approaches on how to relieve stress and promote relaxation. Most of them may dwell in a dualistic type of approach, but why don’t you take relaxation to another level? In a health care…

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Vacation Exercise Tips

vacation exercise

Vacation exercise doesn’t have to be hard. As a personal trainer, I am always amused when clients decide to take a vacation to get away from it all, and instead of looking forward to some time off, some of them start to panic a bit. They should be thrilled, excited and ready to hit the…

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The Importance of Protein In Your Diet

Protein builds lean muscle tissue

Do you know the importance of protein in your diet?  The subject matter of the ideal amount to ingest is usually a topic of debate amongst health professionals. Athletes and bodybuilders are concerned with optimal intake and they often feel taking supplements are necessary for their body in order to grow lean muscle tissue.   According to…

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Yes, Trans Fats Are Still Around

trans fats

Here is an article that I wrote years ago about trans fats. They are still around because The FDA agreed in May 2018 to give companies one more year to find another ingredient for enhancing product flavors or grease industrial baking pans. Also, while new products can no longer be made with trans fats, they will…

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Consistency And Health And Fitness Goals

treat yo self

Are you trying to get in shape and be healthy? Then you need to come up with a plan on how you will achieve your health and fitness goals! Many of us have an ideal body shape that we strive for, but nevertheless, we just don’t know how to get there. We think that if we only do…

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All Your Keto Diet Questions Answered

What seems like a long time ago, I teased everyone in the newsletter that I was going to have an interview with Esther Hansen, RDN, about the keto diet. Well, it’s been awhile since I stated that, so I apologize.  In any event, I chatted with Esther on the phone about the keto diet, and…

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Travel Exercise Tips

travel exercise tips

If you have a job that requires you to travel often you may need some vacation exercise tips since maintaining a regular workout schedule can seem impossible. Combine that with the being jet-lagged, a poor selection of eating options at restaurants, and long meetings, finding the time or motivation to work out under these conditions…

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