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Strength Training Benefits

strength training helps build muscle

Strength training aims at building external resistance pressure to strengthen the targeted muscles. It is also referred to as weight training or resistance exercise. Listed below are the benefits of including weight training in your fitness regime. Strength Training Will Strengthen Your Muscles and Bones Generally, your muscles contract against the resistance built during strength…

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Shin Splints: How to Avoid Them

Shin splints are a repetitive motion injury that a lot of runners experience at some point in their training. Make sure not to overdo your training.

Many runners and long-distance walkers experience shin splints. It is a term that refers to the pain one may encounter along the border of the tibia. The pain can be on the front side of the shin (anterior) or the inside of the lower leg (posterior medial). Shin splints are also known as medial tibial…

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The Dangers of Sitting

The dangers of sitting are numerous as sitting too long can lead to a host of health problems.

The dangers of sitting are numerous. When one sits, they use less energy than when they are standing. As such, various research studies have shown that sitting for long hours puts your health at risk. With extended hours sitting, you are at risk of increased blood pressure, high sugar levels, and excess body fats. Therefore,…

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Fitness for Beginners

Fitness for beginners is as simple as taking positive steps to improve your health and fitness.

Fitness for beginners may sound like Book for Dummies publication. Once you decide to participate in workout sessions, you start your journey to an improved body and mind. You do not need to exercise every single day to reap the benefits. However, you must have the determination and discipline required. The common types of exercise…

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The Benefits of Online Personal Training

Online personal training with our personal trainers can be done on your laptop, cell phone or tablet!

The benefits of online personal training are numerous. The fitness industry, which has many segments, is growing as a whole. However, many people try out different workout regimes but do not stick to them. You may have thought about getting a personal trainer, but you do not have enough time and drive. Well, online personal…

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Blood Sugar Levels and Exercise

Blood sugar levels can be lowered by exercise that is performed with our personal trainers.

One of the common questions I receive from my clients when we first get started is, “How does exercise help regulate blood sugar levels?” Balancing Blood Sugar Levels We all need exercise to maintain a healthy lifestyle – we all know that. But this becomes more necessary when your blood sugar levels are atypical. Anyone…

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The Ideal Body Weight?

Our personal trainers can help you with a program to reach your ideal body weight.

Many people desire an ideal body weight and may become strict about working out just to achieve the body shape they have been dreaming of. For some, weight loss may not be as difficult as maintaining their desired weight. Diet and Cheat Days Some people diet excessively in order to metabolize the fats present in…

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Hypertension and Exercise

Exercise can help prevent or reduce the severity of hypertension.

Hypertension is the clinical or medical term for high blood pressure, something that most people have heard of. High blood pressure greatly increases the risk of strokes, heart disease, heart attacks, and aneurysms. Not as well-known, however, is the fact that even a moderate increase in blood pressure has a long-term impact on a person’s…

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It’s The End of 2020!

online personal training

Well, here we are at the end of what is possibly the most tumultuous year of our lives. We only have two weeks left to put this crazy year behind us and start looking toward a hopefully “normal” year in 2021. Usually I would be sending you a newsletter about what to do during the…

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Personal Training Update

online personal training

Hello everyone, I apologize for not sending more personal training updates sooner. I hope this email finds you all doing well in our time of crisis. It’s obviously been a challenging time for all of us. I am just now starting to pull myself out figuring this all out and moving forward. I want to…

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