You don’t need to get in shape by joining a Fort Collins gym. Getting in shape is a very important life decision. But when making that decision, it shouldn’t be left to whether a person wants to join a Fort Collins gym or Fort Collins boot camp in order to live healthier. We live in an age where the world of fitness information is as easy to access as surfing on the net. There are many ways to get in shape without ever having to join a Fort Collins gym or boot camp.

Getting Your Mind Right

Getting in shape doesn’t start with a workout; it starts in your mind. With a clear mind of what it takes to get in shape, it will become easier to take those first steps of committing to a fitness lifestyle. Start practicing healthy habits such as getting eight hours of sleep, eating breakfast every morning, drinking more water, eating less sugar, cooking more, and eating out less.  These few things are a start to getting in shape without completing any exercise. It is important to realize that getting in shape takes more than working out; it also takes living a healthier life.

What You Can Accomplish Without a Fort Collins Gym

You don't need to join a Fort Collins gym to get in shape. Get outside and do some exercise.The next step is focusing on workouts you can accomplish outside of the gym. Depending on where you live, regularly running in the morning is an activity many people do because it doesn’t take much thought. You can take a scenic route through your neighborhood or the city all while getting a great workout. Jogging is a good activity because it builds a strong cardiovascular system. Improving blood flow and heart rate, your stamina and endurance will greatly improve. Similar to jogging is riding a bike. Again, depending on your situation, if you are close enough to work you can take a ride on the bike to work as your workout. Biking and jogging have the same health benefits and can be a regular activities during your day.

Working Out at Home

Finally, one way many people stay in shape without joining a Fort Collins gym or Fort Collins boot camp is to simply work out at home. Depending on your fitness goals, there aren’t many tools you need to get a great workout done at home. Basic tools such as a jump rope, a 15lb kettlebell, and an exercise ball can provide a person with more than enough options and workouts to stay in shape without joining a gym. Jumping rope regularly can help you lose almost a pound of weight a week or it can build excellent muscle tone and definition. Kettlebells are one of the most effective tools for weight loss and staying in shape. The most efficient workouts work the entire body and a good kettlebell workout will do just that. Medicine balls are great for strengthening your abs and core. It can be used to add a level of difficulty to sit-ups, crunches, pushups, and many other bodyweight exercises.


Working out at home can sometimes be more beneficial than working out at the gym with fewer distractions and a more focused workout. Getting in shape without joining a gym can be very easy. By simply living a more active lifestyle, you can replace going to the gym with simply staying active.