How did Michelle Obama get such sculpted arms? It has more to do with her overall program and not specific exercises.In 2009, an article was circulated about how the First Lady has been able to have amazing sculpted arms.

In the article, her personal trainer credits her amazing sculpted arms to “tricep pushdowns and hammer curls.”

And therein lies my problem with the media. The rest of the article goes on to say she does cardio and has changed her diet.

However, the first part of the article focuses on the types of movements she does to have sculpted arms. So what is probably going to happen?

It’s the paradigm of the easy way out.

As we all know, a lot of Americans love to take the easy way out. If there is a pill, potion, or surgery that will make them look amazing they will most likely opt for that route instead of making a complete health makeover. I can now see thousands of Americans (mostly women obviously) going to a gym and doing hundreds of hammer curls and pushdowns to get Ms. Obama’s sculpted arms. The idea of changing their diet and doing some cardio will be an afterthought.

Another thought about this article is the author is only focusing on her biceps and triceps. What about her shoulders? What happened there?  This has also fascinated me in our culture where we are so enamored with our “guns” that we forget about the rest of our bodies. Since when does having big biceps make you strong? It all goes back to seeing bodybuilders doing their double biceps poses.

I wish the media would start focusing their fitness articles more on changing your lifestyle instead of working specific body parts. If the First Lady did not do cardio and change her diet, she could do a thousand tricep pressdowns and hammer curls and not have the sculpted arms she has now. Being healthy has many components to it. There is no quick fix.