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Core Fitness and Nutrition works with two registered dietitians to ensure your as healthy as you can be!By partnering with two local registered dietitians in Fort Collins, I want to help my clients with their Colorado nutrition needs.

A little background: I currently hold a certification as a Specialist in Performance Nutrition (SPN). Before I started working with Katie and Esther, I was doing all the Colorado nutrition consultations with my clients. I was able to help my clients with their nutrition programs. However, as I became busier, my time was limited because I needed to focus on my clients' exercise programs. They were not getting the detailed attention that they needed to help them succeed quickly.

It was then that I decided to look for a local registered dietitian to help my clients. Knowing that weight loss is 80% directly tied to what we put in our mouths, I knew I needed the right partner to help my clients succeed and make lifestyle changes.

Katie, Esther and I have the same philosophies when it comes to exercise, nutrition and health. We educate our clients that an all or nothing approach will never work. You can’t exercise all the time and hope to lose weight and be healthy. On the flip side of that, you can’t try to eat healthy all the time and hope to lose weight and be healthy. By incorporating a proven exercise and nutrition program together, you will get the best possible results - better than just focusing on one of these disciplines.

Most personal trainers in Fort Collins and Loveland will give you nutrition advice in order to help you with your goals. However, they are not as educated as a registered dietitian. This is why I have partnered with Katie and Esther to give you the best possible plan to help you with your health and fitness goals. Here are their bios:

Katie Kissane, MS, RD, CSSD

Katie Kissane, MS, RD, CSSD, is one of two registered dietitians to help you with your Colorado nutrition needs!"As a registered dietitian nutritionist and lifestyle coach, my job is to translate nutrition science for my clients in a way that is understandable, realistic, and allows them to eat foods that taste great. I am board certified in sports nutrition and enjoy working with athletes and fitness enthusiasts, however, my expertise is not limited to athletes. I have helped many people with their goals of weight loss and preventing disease.

"I believe that nutrition is key to performance, whether that is performing during a workout, at your job, as a parent, or at life. I have the experience and expertise to provide Colorado nutrition solutions for individuals of all ages and backgrounds. This includes the goal of weight loss and/or improved body composition and preventing or managing health conditions.

"My passion for nutrition began at a young age after my mother was diagnosed with Celiac disease. I struggled with my own nutrition concerns in college while competing in cross-country and track. After being diagnosed with severe iron deficiency anemia, I changed my diet to better support my training and noticed a drastic improvement in my performance. My personal experiences sparked my interest in pursuing a career in nutrition with the goal of helping others improve their health and prevent disease.

"I am also passionate about exercise and, like Dennis, I believe that both nutrition and exercise are the key to success. If you pair good nutrition with exercise you will notice positive changes in both health and body composition as well as many other benefits, including improved mood and energy levels and better sleep. If your goal is weight loss, you not only lose weight faster, but you will keep it off.

"Your journey to better health and/or weight loss is unique to you. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to nutrition. I don’t believe in diets; I believe in lifestyle and behavior changes that are life-long. Give me a call today! I would like to hear more about your personal story and get you started with an individualized nutrition plan that works for your busy life."

Esther Hansen, RD, RDN

Esther Hansen, RDN, RD, is the second Fort Collins dietitian Core Fitness and Nutrition works with to provide the best Colorado nutrition advice to clients."I am a registered dietitian nutritionist (RD, RDN) whose passion is to help northern Colorado residents lose weight, gain energy and beat disease. I believe that a healthy diet and lifestyle is the first line therapy for preventing or reversing disease. I am a certified First Line Therapy (FLT) provider which means I am highly trained in wellness coaching and specialize in weight loss. I have helped hundreds of patients successfully lose weight, maintain weight loss and beat disease.

"I love good food and wine especially when shared with friends. I believe healthy food does not have to be expensive or difficult to prepare. Getting help through nutrition therapy doesn't have to be expensive either! I bill your health insurance, making consults inexpensive or even free for you. I will walk beside you as you lose weight and transform your life.

"I chose to work with Dennis because our values and approaches align. I have found those clients who work with both Dennis and me who focus on BOTH exercise and nutrition are far more successful far more quickly than those who ONLY focus on nutrition or exercise. You can’t out-exercise a terrible diet and you can’t eat perfectly but refuse to move your body. Move AND nourish your body. It will respond and will thank you!

Listen, you are not alone. We live in a culture that is designed to make us fat. It can be a constant struggle to lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle. I do not believe in quick-fixes, hCG or meal replacements. I believe in real food and real behavior change. I would love to walk beside you for the next few weeks to cheer you on as you transform your health, free yourself from diet traps and grow as a whole person. Let’s get started!"