Is there such a thing as a pizza weight loss plan? Well, no, but you can still eat pizza and achieve all your weight loss goals! Does that headline make you want to stand up in your seat and let out an ear rattling, “HOORAY!”

Well, it should!

Is there such a thing as a pizza weight loss plan? Sorry, but you can eat pizza and still lose weight through exercise and food moderation!So how does eating pizza actually help you lose weight? Isn’t that counterintuitive? We all know that pizza would never be classified as a “health” food. I have never seen it show up on one of those lists that tell you what foods to eat in order to lose weight.

The majority of people who contact me are looking for help to lose weight. Sure I have those clients who are already in great shape but need my expertise to help take them to the next level. But 90% of the people who contact me are definitely looking for some help with losing weight.

I have always said that weight loss is 80% nutrition and 20% exercising. Some people are astounded by that figure, but it’s true. I always tell my clients that I can work them out as hard as possible, but if their diet is horrible, then they will never reach their weight loss goals.

I cannot out-train bad nutrition! I’ve tried, but it has never worked!

So how does this tie into eating pizza and losing weight?

It’s simple really. You cheat when it comes to food choices.


Now you may be thinking that I am confused. But I am not talking about an all-or-nothing mentality.

In order to succeed with your weight loss goals, you need to cheat on your diet. This means that it truly is OKAY to eat pizza. It is okay to order that mocha at Cuppy’s (my favorite Fort Collins coffee shop/mobile office location at the moment).

So what word is missing in this equation? MODERATION.

Here is what I tell people when I initially meet with them about helping them lose weight. I am a personal trainer. I am supposed to be the epitome of health. I am supposed to lead by example right? But guess what? I love these foods:

  • Pizza!
  • Chicken wings!
  • Beer!
  • Mochas!
  • Cheese!
  • Larkburger!

How can I get away with this? How can I be such a hypocrite? Why would anyone listen to me about what I have to say about being healthy and losing weight?

Because I am not about an all-or-nothing attitude. In fact, people who take this approach are the ones who fail.

Look, we are human. We have vices. It’s okay to have pizza. It’s okay to have a mocha. But what is the secret?

Did you forget that word, moderation?

A lot of people who are trying to lose weight think that if they eat healthy 100% of the time they should get to their goals fairly quickly. But then they realize they can’t do this, they go on a binge, and then they are right back where they started. Eating healthy 100% of the time is not ATTAINABLE!

So just stop.

Have a piece (did you notice I said piece and not pieces) of pizza. Have a beer (not beers). It’s okay. Satisfy the craving. But just go back to eating healthy 90% of the time. Or 80% of the time.  Once you start doing this, the binges will stop and you can actually enjoy food.

And the kicker to this? You will lose weight! All you need to do is eat in moderation, stick to your exercise routine and never give up!

So, no, there is no such thing as a pizza weight loss plan. However, you can still lose weight and enjoy your favorite foods. Just don’t set yourself up for weight loss failure by going overboard.

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