When I first started as a personal trainer in 2003, I readily admit I had no clue what I was doing. Sure, I was freshly certified and ready to conquer the world. I had been working out since I was a freshman in high school. I did really well for myself, so I figured I could pass my success on to others with their health and fitness goals.

What I didn’t realize in those early years is that what I had accomplished didn’t equate to my what my clients were trying to achieve. My goals were much different than theirs. I figured all I had to do is train my clients like I trained myself.

Big mistake.

Those early clients didn’t accomplish what my clients are accomplishing today. I hadn’t figured it out yet.

Thankfully, as the saying goes, “With age comes wisdom.”

Jacquelyn's personal training weight loss success story is an inspiration to those who think that they can't get healthy on their own!I want to introduce to you to the latest clients that is absolutely killing it.

This is Jacquelyn’s personal training success story.

Initial consultation

There she is over there. Jacquelyn met with me at the end of March this year. During the initial consultation, Jacquelyn told me that she was spiraling into a place that she didn’t want to be. She was a huge emotional eater, and she kept gaining weight. She was focusing more on school and not herself.

She had enough.

She was ready to prove to herself that she could do it. She was ready to prove to herself that she could get the weight off. She was ready to prove to herself that she could get stronger.

And boy has she ever proved it!

Physical limitations

Jacquelyn also has some limitations with her foot. This has meant that we have to substitute a lot of different exercises. For instance, we are not doing a lot of leg work right now because her doctor advised her to try to keep the weight off the injured foot.

Has this stopped her? HELL NO!

She hasn’t made any excuses. She hasn’t let this physical limitation derail her from her goals. She STILL gets her cardio intervals done. She STILL does routines on her own when I am not with her. She STILL focuses on her nutrition.

And the hard work is paying off.

Weight loss

Jacquelyn has lost 17 pounds. This may not sound like a lot, but guess what? She is shrinking, and she is shrinking fast! She is has gone from a size 10 to a size 6 pants.

And why hasn’t she lost a lot of weight?

Because she has gained lean muscle mass. This has replaced the fat that she had. Look at that photo. Does that look like the same person?

Remember, Jacquelyn has only been at this for seven months. The “in progress” photo was taken a couple of months ago.

I couldn’t be more proud of Jacquelyn. She really has taken what I have shown her and run with it. My hope for every client is that they take our time together and apply it to the rest of their lives. I am not selling quick fixes here. I am selling a lifestyle. Jacquelyn is embracing this lifestyle.

Jacquelyn will be leaving me next May to move back to Florida. So we still have work to do. If this is what she has accomplished so far, wait until I show you what she looks like by then!

I keep saying this over and over again, but it is absolutely true:

The clients that listen to me and do what I tell them to do are the clients that are going to succeed.

I can’t do this on my own. The client has to be willing to put in the extra work to have success like Jacquelyn. Is it easy? Nope. But for truly lasting success, you have to want to live this lifestyle.

Jacquelyn, you are a freakin’ R-O-C-K-S-T-A-R!