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The Dangers of Sitting

The dangers of sitting are numerous as sitting too long can lead to a host of health problems.

The dangers of sitting are numerous. When one sits, they use less energy than when they are standing. As such, various research studies have shown that sitting for long hours puts your health at risk. With extended hours sitting, you are at risk of increased blood pressure, high sugar levels, and excess body fats. Therefore,…

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Vitamin D Health Benefits

vitamin d health benefits

Vitamin D is an essential vitamin and encourages the absorption of calcium into the body as well as other minerals. It aids the body to create and build strong bones and is also associated with a number of natural bodily functions. For most adults, Vitamin D does not need to be supplemented as natural sunlight…

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How Antioxidants Keep Us Healthy

Antioxidants are known for preventing certain diseases and are widely regarded as being beneficial for daily life. In essence, they protect cells in our bodies from molecules called ‘free radicals.’ It is these free radicals that cause damage to our cells which can cause serious diseases such as cancer to start taking hold in our…

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