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Exercises for Mountain Bikers

By incorporating some specific exercises for mountain biking, you can make your ride much easier and enjoyable

So, you’ve decided you’re in Fort Collins, right next to the mountains, why not get a mountain bike and take advantage of all the amazing weather and single-track trails right in your backyard? You run to your local bike shop, spend more money than you thought you ever would on a bike and cycling gear,…

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Mental Health and Exercise

exercise can help boost your mental health

Is it possible to improve your mental health through exercise and establishing a great fitness routine? The short answer is yes. Exercise is by far one of the best ways for you to boost your mental health and push it to the next level. It’s also exciting, a lot of fun, and it will make…

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Hypertension and Exercise

Exercise can help prevent or reduce the severity of hypertension.

Hypertension is the clinical or medical term for high blood pressure, something that most people have heard of. High blood pressure greatly increases the risk of strokes, heart disease, heart attacks, and aneurysms. Not as well-known, however, is the fact that even a moderate increase in blood pressure has a long-term impact on a person’s…

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The Fitness Benefits of Walking

fitness benefits of walking

The fitness benefits of walking are numerous. Walking is something we do every day but usually not for a very long time. We have short bursts here and there when we are at home or at work. However, because of our busy lifestyles, we usually don’t walk to the grocery store or over to our…

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Brain Health: Did Albert Einstein do Burpees for Brain Health?

I often wondered if Albert Einstein did any other type of exercise besides riding a bike around to help improve brain health. I bet he would have loved burpees! And, just like Albert Einstein, your brain health is important to act fast. Whether you’re fiddling with the multi-purpose remote, playing one of the fast-paced video…

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Benefits of Medicine Ball Exercises

medicine ball

The use of medicine ball exercises has been common in many workout routines for a long time. Do you know why people use medicine balls? Or the benefits of medicine ball exercises? I researched this fascinating workout and go into detail about the benefits of working with medicine balls. When medicine balls come to mind,…

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The Benefits of Strong Core Muscles

Why do you need to know the benefits of strong core muscles? Do you know the true meaning of core muscle strength? Many people are unaware about the importance of core muscles, and they are also not aware of how to sufficiently build core strength. First, let’s talk about why strong core muscles are so imperative…

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Why You Should Do Tabata Training

Tabata Training

Tabata training, also known as the Tabata protocol, is a type of high intensity, fast and furious form of interval training. Interval training is defined as a high intensity exercise routine broken up by timed breaks. An example of a Tabata program can be a set of sprints followed by a timed break followed by…

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Simple Tips to Help You Deal With Stress

Stress is a mental state that affects the mind and well-being and usually in a negative manner. While there is no definitive definition of it, there are a number of signs and symptoms that can show what it really is. Symptoms Symptoms of stress manifest themselves both psychically and mentally. Physically a person can have…

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How Exercise Helps ACL Tears

Historically, Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) tears are a painful injury that few people recover from completely. It is common for professional sportsmen and women to retire soon after ACL tears as they have failed to recover to the necessary level to return to their sport; however, as medicine progresses with this type of injury, this…

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