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Exercise and Blood Sugar Disorders

Diabetes and other blood sugar diseases can be mitigated with exercise.

Your blood sugar level is the measurement of the concentration of glucose in the blood. On average, the blood does have some amount of glucose already present. However, for some, it can be too much or not enough at all. These two extremes can make you more susceptible to disease in the body that some…

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Exercise Can Cure Your Poor Posture

Poor posture is something that affects most of us without even realizing it. Life today is very different than the life that our hunter-gather origins would have had. Most of our day is spent sitting in office chairs, driving cars, or standing still for extended periods of time, none of which we used to do…

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Consistency Helps You Achieve Your Fitness Goals

health and fitness goals

Consistency is something that is often overlooked in weight loss and health and fitness goals. Most people believe that by eating sensibly and exercising you will be able to lose weight and regain the control they were looking for. While that may be true, it could take some time to achieve such goals. Being consistent…

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The Benefits of Zumba


Zumba is an exercise program that was created in 2001 by Alberto “Beto” Perez, a choreographer and dancer, in cooperation with two businessmen. It has grown exponentially since its creation, and now has over 14 million participants in 150 different countries. In addition to the original Zumba classes, there are now Zumba DVDs and video…

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How to Lose Weight: Balancing Diet & Exercise

Learning how to lose weight and where to begin can be difficult. Do you focus on your diet, or start exercising? The truth is to how to lose weight is a balanced approach to weight loss is the best program. Modifying your diet while also making sure you’re engaging in a well-rounded exercise program, which…

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What is Chondromalacia Patella?

Chondromalcia Patella

Chondromalacia patella (also known as CMP) is an injury affecting the knee; namely the cartilage that protects the back of the patella (the front of the knee). This injury involves damage to the cartilage that causes pain as the damage inhibits the ability for the cartilage to act as a natural shock absorber. It is…

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Do You Need to be a Bodybuilder to Build Muscle?

Bodybuilding is a form of exercise that is ultimately about changing the overall appearance of the human body through a super intense regime of exercise and diet. In most cases, it would appear extreme to the everyday person. It is often known for its professional or competitive nature where entrants are judged on their overall…

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Exercise Equipment: When Treadmills Act Like Clothes Hangers

Don't let your treadmill or any other type of exercise equipment become your clothes hanger!

Have you ever gone to the store and bought a piece of home exercise equipment? When’s the last time you’ve seen a TV commercial that shows the latest and greatest contraption to get “a flat stomach, toned body and muscular arms?” Did you feel the urge to join the other millions of satisfied customers who…

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The Pros and Cons of Running

Running is a great addition to your exercise program

Running as a form of exercise can be a very healthy endeavor, however, it can be very stressful for the body. It is well known that running can extend your life, but continuous pounding on concrete can take a toll on the body over a number of years. Generally, a person needs to have some…

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Compound Exercises and Isolation Exercises

Squats are a perfect example of compound exercises.

For most beginners looking to begin a workout routine, they are faced with the seemingly difficult task of choosing to use compound exercises or isolation exercises. There are many differences between isolation and compound exercises. It is important to realize the difference between the two exercises and how to benefit from them because both forms…

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