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Exercises for Mountain Bikers

By incorporating some specific exercises for mountain biking, you can make your ride much easier and enjoyable

So, you’ve decided you’re in Fort Collins, right next to the mountains, why not get a mountain bike and take advantage of all the amazing weather and single-track trails right in your backyard? You run to your local bike shop, spend more money than you thought you ever would on a bike and cycling gear,…

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Why You Don’t Need A Gym Membership in Fort Collins

gym membership in fort collins

Having a gym membership in Fort Collins seems to be a part of the experience of living here. I just did a quick Google search of “gyms in Fort Collins”, and I stopped counting at 40! In the last 10 years, our town has exploded with so many options that it makes it confusing to…

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Personal Training Clients Are Hilarious

My personal training clients can be very clever sometimes. Last night I was reminiscing about all my wonderful personal training clients in Fort Collins that I have had in the past. I also was ruminating on my current Fort Collins personal training clients as well! To be a personal fitness trainer, you have to have…

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Choosing A Fitness Trainer

Choosing a fitness trainer shouldn’t be all that difficult. As I step out of my car and walk across the Rolland Moore Park pavilion towards two potential clients, I see them eyeing me. Maybe they’re trying to get a feel for my personality by judging the kind of car I drive or my training clothes.…

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Fort Collins Restaurants: 5 Tips for Eating Healthy

Indulge in the many Fort Collins restaurants available but keep in mind these 5 expert healthy eating tips!

Fort Collins restaurants offer an array of choices: all-American diners, late-night waffle joints, sophisticated cafes, robust Italian menus, and Asian and Indian fare galore—just to name a few. As a personal trainer, I encourage all of my personal training clients to eat at all of them … with some healthy guidelines of course. Just because…

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