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Interval Training vs. Boring, Mindless Cardio

Cardio can be mindless and boring, and most people don't focus on it. Interval training is a much better and shorter exercise that has proven results!

Let’s face it: people love to waste time. Humans have a natural tendency to procrastinate or take the easy road, which ends up costing even more time. One of the biggest time-wasters is not paying attention to your cardio and making it mindless and a waste of time; whereas, you should instead focus on interval…

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Why You Should Be Doing Interval Training

Interval training is the best method of not only for cardiovascular training, but it's also the best method for your overall fitness goals!

Interval training, hands down, is the one exercise methodology that you should be incorporating into your routines. Every year, the single overriding request of my new clients is this: revamp my workout routine! Many come to me after years (sometimes even decades!) of doing the same old, same old. Generally, these clients ask for help…

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