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What is Chondromalacia Patella?

Chondromalcia Patella

Chondromalacia patella (also known as CMP) is an injury affecting the knee; namely the cartilage that protects the back of the patella (the front of the knee). This injury involves damage to the cartilage that causes pain as the damage inhibits the ability for the cartilage to act as a natural shock absorber. It is…

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Swimming And Physical Therapy

Swimming and physical therapy go hand in hand for recovery. Swimming is excellent for overall health and is easily accessible.

Swimming and physical therapy go hand and hand when it comes to certain physical limitations. Physical therapy concerns itself with rehabilitating people with physical injuries or impairments through a number of specialty areas. Areas of concern can include cardiovascular, orthopedic, geriatric, pediatric, and general sports therapy. The growth of physical therapy as a profession has…

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