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JD Stenger

Julie weight loss successIn 2014 I had a level-three disc herniation in my cervical spine with radiculopathy (including high levels of pain, weakness, and numbness) of my right shoulder, arm, and fingers. Afterward, I was very limited in what I could do physically for more than two years while I healed. Before my injury, I weighed 135 pounds, had an active lifestyle, and was in good physical shape. After my injury, my physical fitness and my emotional well-being slowly spiraled downward in a relentless cycle – fed by the fear of re-injuring myself and resulting in a sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy eating habits.

I joined a gym in the late fall of 2016; the membership included two sessions with a trainer who personalized a workout routine for me. Due to my spinal injury, the trainer limited me to low-impact cardio equipment and weight machines. I was able to consistently go to the gym 2-3 times a week for several months. During that time, I experienced an improvement in my endurance and flexibility, but there was no change in my strength or pain levels. Like many people, my responsibilities distracted me from going to the gym and eventually became an excuse not to go. The relentless cycle continued to spiral downward.

By the time I reached out to Dennis in the spring of 2018, I had gained 55 pounds, experienced consistent pain from my injury and lack of physical activity, and was deeply depressed.

During the initial consultation and throughout our time working together, Dennis was professional and forthright about his expectations for clients. He took the initiative to inquire about and actively listen to my expectations, goals, concerns, and physical restrictions. He was always respectful of my time by being punctual and communicating with me about changes to our regular schedule long in advance.

Dennis’ style is a healthy balance between good-natured and stern. He created exercise routines that worked around and with my spinal injury. His approach was methodical, systematically strengthening muscle groups to eliminate the risk of injury while creating overall base strength to build upon in future sessions.

Working one-on-one with him provided me a sense of accountability to maintain a regular exercise routine. I experienced noticeable results in my weight, posture, strength, endurance, emotional well-being, and pain level in a matter of weeks – something I didn’t get from a gym membership.

I genuinely looked forward to the workouts with Dennis. The routines were fun and different every time. If an exercise triggered my spinal injury, he modified it on the spot. I felt a sense of pride and accomplishment after every session, especially on the days when I wasn’t feeling motivated to exercise at all.

Today, with the help of Dennis,  I have lost over 35 pounds; I feel happy, healthy, resilient, and strong.

Having Dennis as a personal trainer is not a walk in the park. He will push your limitations a little further in each session, with the full expectation that you will do your part in between sessions to maintain a healthy activity level and diet. He is your guide and cheerleader on this journey to wellness, but *you* are the sole person responsible for taking the steps.

JD Stenger
Fort Collins, Colorado

Robbie Jackson

robbie mountain bikingI have been working with Dennis for almost two years now. I started out as what I think his typical client is: working a desk job, very inactive and too heavy to really do the outdoorsy things I wanted to do. I enjoy mountain biking a ton, and I let myself go enough that mountain biking wasn’t fun anymore. I couldn’t keep up with my friends anymore and it just sucked to ride up hills. I was at a tipping point of making a huge change or falling deeper into the hole.

Luckily, I found Dennis through Facebook and signed up in the summer of 2016. I was 270 lbs at the time. My first workout sucked. He didn’t make me feel inadequate or out of shape which was refreshing. Looking back, we did a very easy routine, but it hurt. Now two years later, it still hurts. He has this special ability to revise your workouts as you progress and get in better shape. I’ve asked him “shouldn’t this be getting easier?” many times, but that’s not what I pay him for. I need to be constantly challenged so I can keep progressing towards achieving my goals.

I’m currently down to 230 lbs and much stronger than I have ever been, even in high school as an athlete. Every day living is easier. If it weren’t for Dennis, I’d still be 270, maybe more. He inspires me to eat healthier and shows up to my house whether I feel like working out or not. I would highly recommend him to anyone I know. I hope to keep working with him for a long time to come.

Like they say, you either pay for your health now and get in shape, or pay for it later in medical bills and prescription drugs. I’m choosing now.

Oh, and I am really enjoying being back into mountain biking!

Thanks, Dennis!

Robbie Jackson
Fort Collins, Colorado


Jacquelyn Watson

Where do I start with Dennis? Well, in a nutshell, he changed my life.

In March 2016, I took a vacation to my hometown in Florida and found myself crying next to my partner as I looked at photos of us on the beach. I had hit my final breaking point. I was at my highest weight, my lowest self-esteem, and even found myself struggling to catch my breath as I walked up a flight of stairs.

Finding and hiring Dennis as my personal trainer was one of the best things I’ve ever done.

I knew he was committed to helping me reach my goals the first time I met him. Instead of me interviewing him, I noticed that he was interviewing me! He was seeing if I had what it took to commit and invest in myself and the changes I wanted to see. One of the main things that drew me to contact him in the first place was that I had read reviews and testimonials that highlighted his ability to push you to your limits and beyond while still making you laugh through the burn. His humor and personality make it so easy to look forward to working out.

Another big selling point for me is that the workouts are only 30 minutes! And believe me, I got a LOT done in 30 minutes! When I started, I actually had a toe injury that prevented me from doing many movements. This didn’t stop Dennis from tailoring each workout just for me, and despite the injury, I still lost 20 lbs, lost inches and got in the best shape of my life!

I recently made the decision to move back to Florida and had to stop working with Dennis. However, I have truly noticed all of the many ways in which I have benefited from my time with him. This is what I have taken away from my time with Dennis:

  • I am more committed to my health and continuing my fitness journey than ever before.
  • Creating my own workouts are rather easy for me now where as before I had no idea what to do half the time.
  • My strength is 10x more than it used to be. My partner and I unfortunately did not have help moving all of our furniture into our new home, and I found myself being able to easily team lift large reclining couches without injuring or straining myself.
  • My self-confidence and faith in myself has increased greatly and I have a better understanding and appreciation of what my own body is capable of, which inspires me even more to continue pushing myself.
  • I have healed a lot of my previously persistent complaints such as GI issues, constant fatigue and headaches, and now know what the difference is between feeling sickly and feeling healthy. The list goes on and on.

In the end, if you are invested and committed to changing your life for the better, Dennis will without a doubt help you in reaching your goals.

To me, he wasn’t just a personal trainer, he was a teammate I could rely on, and I can’t thank him enough for all of his support.

Thank you, Dennis!

Jacquelyn Watson
Orlando, Florida (formerly Fort Collins, Colorado)

Lauren Fry

Dennis was an absolute game changer for me. I spent years (years!) trying to manage my diet and exercise by myself. I tried everything from gym classes, in home machines, Weight Watchers, and even juice fasts!

What Dennis did was provide me with a reason to be accountable (he’s coming, rain or shine!), a method to redefine what success means, and a detailed understanding of my capabilities and limits so we were always pushing the envelope. I wasn’t sure that I could put up with the ego of a personal trainer or keep up with a true workout pace. I was winded carrying my luggage through the airport, and I wasn’t sure what I was signing up for.

Our first discussion and then training session got me really excited. Dennis wanted to really understand my goals and knew that I was capable of more than I thought I was. He gave me a taste of success early (even if it was wall push-ups) and used that as a mechanism to remind me that a difficult workout was a success and not a failure. Before I knew it, we were doing tough stuff and I’d never felt more empowered in my life. There were days I was left gasping on the garage floor telling Dennis to leave and that I’d get up later. Somehow, those were actually some of my favorite days.

I lost 60 pounds while working out with Dennis and if it weren’t for a cross country move – I never would have stopped. I can lift, squat, and hike with the best of them. I added cardio training on the side and met with Esther Hansen (start tracking your food – just do it). I’ve lost 3 sizes and so many of my saggy bits don’t sag anymore! Nothing is more motivating than seeing yourself in the mirror and being confused because there’s no way that’s your butt.

One of the main things that makes Dennis different from the other options you may have is his ability to kick your butt in 30 minutes and his flexibility to meet you at home. The thirty minutes are short enough to know you’ll survive on the days you really don’t want to workout and long enough to really hit it hard when you’re feeling like beating his expectations. He consistently changes workouts up and will even sneakily hold exercises back until you can crush them. That first time you conquer something you couldn’t do previously is truly confidence building.

Put in the effort, do what Dennis asks, try not to throw the medicine ball at his face and you’ll be amazed what he can do for you!

Thank you, Dennis!

Lauren Fry
Portland, Oregon (formerly Fort Collins, Colorado)

Valerie Yoh

Valerie extreme weight loss

Before signing up with Dennis, I was 80 pounds overweight and in need of major changes in my life for better health. From his website, I could see that Dennis and his team of personal trainers had something special to offer. I was impressed by his variety of clients (no athletes or bodybuilders here!), his common sense approach towards improving health and fitness by stressing the importance of both physical activity and good nutrition, and I was intrigued by his 30-minute exercise program in my home. With a hectic business and personal schedule, I didn’t have the time to devote excessive hours to exercise alone.

Currently, I have lost 50 pounds and feel great! I am now a true believer in Dennis and his team on how they go about helping with weight loss. The changes in my life have been amazing. Good nutrition and regular exercise are now a part of my daily habits which are the hallmark of Dennis’ programs. I have renewed energy and strength which is helping me to return to many activities that I used to love (hiking, bicycling, rock climbing, etc). I no longer need to buy plus-size shirts and am one size away from being able to buy pants in the regular section of women’s clothing stores. Lastly, I have renewed confidence and don’t mind seeing myself in pictures now.

While I still have a ways to go before reaching my final goal, the progress that I am achieving so far is amazing. I was out of shape for so long that I forgot what life used to be like and it’s great! I feel confident now that my final goal will become a reality.

For anyone that is serious about dedicating themselves to meet whatever fitness goals they have, I highly recommend Dennis and his team. I have received far more out of my time with Dennis than all the money I spent in the past on various exercise tools, tapes, and food programs. Thank you, Dennis!

Valerie Yoh
Loveland, Colorado

David S.

David extreme weight loss

I was pretty hesitant getting a personal trainer as most of the trainers I have come across have been conceited, full of themselves and obnoxious. I work from home so the idea of someone coming to the house a few times a week was appealing.

I decided to sit down and talk to Dennis and he didn’t strike me as your prototypical trainer. He was willing to adapt to what I wanted and what I expected from myself. I decided to give it a shot and see what I thought.

In four and a half months, I’ve currently lost over 60 pounds and several clothes sizes. That is a decent amount of weight loss in such a short time! If you feel like the trainings are getting a little easier, be careful how you phrase that you would like a tougher workout as the next workout promises to be a butt kicker. If you are considering doing something a little different I would highly recommend giving Dennis a try.

My advice to anyone that uses Dennis, talk a little smack while working out. Not only does it make the workouts go by quickly but living in Fort Collins, we have to give our resident personal trainer/CU grad a hard time. Just be aware he has his own ways of getting back at you the next time you work out.

I would highly recommend giving Dennis a try as it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I never dreamed of losing 60 pounds in a little over four months. You put so much effort into your training sessions that before you know it you will be making a lifestyle change. I couldn’t be happier where I am today, and I owe much of it to Dennis and his training methods.

David S.
Fort Collins, Colorado

Brittany Foster

Brittany weight loss

Since beginning my personal training program six months ago, I have lost 31 pounds, 21 inches and have gone from a size 10 to a size 4 in pants! I accomplished these amazing results by meeting with Dennis only 30 minutes two times a week! I have changed my lifestyle completely. Dennis’ programs provide the tools and support to help you change your lifestyle and meet your fitness goals.

I have always thought of myself as being active and making sure to go to the gym, however I was not seeing any results. I now realize I wasn’t pushing myself before and wasn’t eating healthy. Working out with Dennis has made all the difference. I have learned new, effective work outs and now am enjoying the results! Having accountability and new effective workouts makes all the difference. Dennis makes exercising fun and pushes me but not so hard to the point of injury.

I am now very passionate about health and I want to continue working out with Dennis and keep progressing!

Thanks to Dennis and this wonderful program, it is possible!

Brittany Foster
Fort Collins, Colorado

Mary Dolce


I wasn’t sure I should do a testimonial. I mean… I am not at my ideal weight; I don’t feel like an ‘after’ picture just yet…why would anyone care what I have to say???

But there have been big changes with me over the past year.

My entire adult life I’ve been in a war with my body. I tried to control it through Weight Watchers more times than I can count. I yo-yoed up and down…up to a HUNDRED pounds for years. I’d be on a diet, off a diet for as long as I can remember.

It played with my head, it made me not trust my own instincts, and I thought about food ALL the time. I’d join gyms and never go, I’d invent rigid food rules and then break them… I didn’t know how to be “normal” about myself and my weight at all. I was obsessed with food, and with eating or not eating. But yet I was made miserable from my obsession at the same time. I had knee pain, back pain, and a lot of general grumpiness.

Then I saw a Groupon deal, and found Dennis. It SOUNDED good…he comes to your house???

Well sure, I’ll try it! And… it IS good!

It’s a whole different ballgame having my trainer show up at my door. I can’t say enough about the convenience factor… believe me when I say I have a LONG history of doing anything I can to get out of working out. But there’s no escape when someone comes to the house… and that’s not a bad thing! As much as I dread working out sometimes (I can’t lie – It doesn’t come naturally to me!) I’m always so glad when I do.

After that initial deal was over, I signed up for a year, and I lost 34 pounds in that first year. I felt better, but I was still at war with myself – it turned out I was approaching my workouts with Dennis as yet another “fad.” I mean, I worked out, but still with the same “diet” mindset – I was looking for a quick fix. And when the initial thrill was gone, my old eating habits came back. I gained what I’d lost and more.

BUT… that’s not where this ends.

I had glimpsed the future, and I didn’t want to give up. More to the point, Dennis believed in me too and wouldn’t LET me give up! He really does want his clients to succeed.

He introduced me to Esther Hansen (www.ftcollinsweightloss.com). Through her I started learning how to eat healthier, and that “low cal” doesn’t always mean “better” – thank god! So I increased my food awareness… and I was still exercising more with Dennis… but the final piece of the puzzle for me was to deal with my relationship with food: why I ate what I ate. I then started working with Josie Dove (www.fortcollins-counselor.com) to get to the root of things, and that’s when change finally started to happen – lasting change, I think!

I’ve now had a total weight loss of 54 pounds in the last seven months, and this is the least I’ve weighed in more than 20 years. All my knee pain is gone (although as Dennis will attest, I hate jumping and I always will!). I’m competing in a triathlon this summer, and I look forward to the rest of my excess weight coming off.

I turn 50 this year and feel the best I have in a long, LONG time… And to think, all this change came from buying one little Groupon!

Thanks, Dennis!

Mary Dolce
Fort Collins, Colorado

Teah Welch

Teah weight lossMy story is probably the story you have heard a thousand different times. I was incredibly fit growing up through high school where I was active and played rugby, a physically intense sport. When I graduated and moved to college the transformation slowly began, and not in a good way. I worked out about 5-6 times per week, but the dorm food and college life were too hard to combat.

After about 3 years of continually struggling with the way my body was changing and feeling like it was out of my control, I reached out to Dennis. And I am so glad I did. I had done plenty of programs in the past and really started my weight loss journey in January 2015. I hit the “plateau” as many people know in June and July, which is when I decided to find a personal trainer that fit my needs and schedule.

Dennis was wonderful to work with! After nearly 8 months of working with Dennis I lost almost 12 pounds. That may not seem like a lot, but for someone like me who worked incessantly on my own for 6 months and stayed at a pretty consistent weight, seeing the change of 12 pounds was HUGE. I know weight isn’t the only thing to determine your success, in fact it’s the last thing. I have seen definition come back into my legs similar to what it was while I was a full time athlete playing competitive rugby. My arms and back are more defined now than I think they ever have been. Dennis’ approach of short, intense workouts was just what I needed to fix what I was doing!

I highly recommend him to anyone that asks me. It is important to not only take the trainer you work with seriously, but have the trainer take you seriously. If you are at the point that I was at, make the change and get Dennis’ help. You won’t be disappointed.

Teah Welch
Fort Collins, Colorado

Stephanie Goel

I’m writing this to not only brag about my first accomplishment worth bragging about, but to infinitely thank and praise the fellas that got me here.

In January 2016, I ended a 2.5-year relationship that was detrimental. In the period of the relationship, I had put on somewhere in the range of 40+ pounds and was feeling like I had sincerely reached a turning point. I decided that for once, instead of feeling sorry for myself and continuing the same path I had for years, I decided to get pissed and lose the weight that wore me down for 2.5 years.

I found Dennis’ website while searching for personal trainers on Google. I was willing to sacrifice my self-conscious nature and join a gym and pay some meathead money to make me a mini-meathead. Dennis was like the oasis in a gym-ridden desert. I met with him, explained my dilemma and fervent desire to better myself. Not just lose weight but just be better. I told Dennis that I wanted a team that wouldn’t force me to look at a scale to show my success, but a team that would focus on my lifestyle changes. He assured me he had the perfect coaches for me.

Dennis had me work with one of his personal trainers, Matt. I have to say that Matt has been perfect from Day 1! Our sessions never feel like a burden or drawn out. I don’t ever get a chance to recognize my butt is being kicked because he keeps my mind focused on our fantasy football teams or my dreams of the perfect basement bar and man cave. He is encouraging without being pushy and demanding, he ups the intensity in a manner that me and my adjusting body can tolerate, and I feel like he’s just as invested in my success as I am.

I’ve started to genuinely look forward to my training sessions with Matt! I like seeing how hard I can push myself, especially knowing that Matt never makes his clients do an exercise that he hasn’t done himself! I’ve stopped hating the stairs in my house, I am fitting better into airplane seats and no longer dread throwing on my bikini or shopping with my girls!

I also met with Esther (one of the registered dietitians that Dennis works with) who was flexible to my realistic parameters. I had dieted in the past and knew that I was not great at staying on the bandwagon. I also knew that I would not be great about giving up my vices (mainly craft beer, I do live in craft beer heaven!), and traveling would make my life hard when it came to eating. She provided me many options for finding success at home and on the road, tips for watching my calories when I go out to have fun and a real-life Pinterest board of recipies and conversation to make me feel like I was genuinely out to change my eating habits, not dieting.

Since working with Matt and Esther, I can bench 10-15lbs more than previously, I’ve dropped a pant size and I am down 30 pounds since deciding to change my lifestyle. I sleep better, can master many flights of stairs without huffing and puffing and feel stronger than ever. I care about what I eat, watch how much water I drink and genuinely want Matt, Esther, and Dennis to be proud of the effort I put forth and the progress I’ve made. In the grand scheme of things, these changes are not much. I’m not about to stand next to a cardboard cutout of myself on the Biggest Loser and claim to be a champion, but I know I’m on an excellent path. One that I want to continue following, not just reach an end-date and go about my business.

I’m forever grateful for Dennis giving me the opportunity to meet his team, find my stride and be successful at something I struggled with for so long. It’s not often I feel good and look good when I’m in a 2-piece, but I gotta say…damn this is nice!

Stephanie Goel
Fort Collins, Colorado