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Judy osteoporosisI have been working out with Dennis for over two years now. The first thing I noticed was that I looked better and my clothing fit better. I did not lose weight as that was not a goal, but I did change in dimensions. I never expected that. Actually I look better now than I have in years! The big change from the workouts is happening on the inside. I have never had high blood pressure, but now it is in the 115 to 120 range. Very healthy. Two years ago as part of my yearly examine, I had a bone density test. I am short with a slight build, so of course, I am part of that group that doctors worry about having osteoporosis. My test showed that I had osteopenia which is a precursor to osteoporosis. The doctor wanted me to start on a drug which helps to build bone but also has side effects which are not desirable. I asked the doctor to allow me to work on better calcium intake and also more strength training. She said if the results after two years were better or the same, she would allow me to follow the natural regimen. I am happy to say that after two years there has been no further bone loss and my back has actually increased in density. I cannot say enough about the health benefits of working with Dennis. I would never push myself hard enough or consistently enough to be where I am today. Way to go Dennis!

Judy Miller
Fort Collins, Colorado