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Laura workout sessionsI just recently turned 49, and honestly I have never been in better shape thanks to Dennis. In my “earlier” years, I was an exercise freak — someone who was an avid runner, swam on the high-school swim team, lifted weights, did aerobics, etc. The personalized workout sessions I get with Dennis and his Core Fitness trainers have enabled me to comfortably complete the MS150 bike ride (150 miles in 2 days), regularly finish 60-70 “old-fashioned” push ups without a problem, lost fat and REALLY feel good about myself! My endurance is greater, I’m sleeping better and I have awesome muscles (not like a bodybuilder — thank goodness — but my arms and back look great in a summer dress!). I’ve learned it’s all possible without having to be in a gym and lifting boring weights over and over. Our fitness workouts are in a Fort Collins park, which is invigorating. I encourage anyone, of any exercise level, to contact Dennis to find out how he can change your life!

Laura Dowling
Fort Collins, Colorado