Success Story from

David S.

I was pretty hesitant getting a personal trainer as most of the trainers I have come across have been conceited, full of themselves and obnoxious. I work from home so the idea of someone coming to the house a few times a week was appealing.

I decided to sit down and talk to Dennis and he didn’t strike me as your prototypical trainer. He was willing to adapt to what I wanted and what I expected from myself. I decided to give it a shot and see what I thought.

In four and a half months, I’ve currently lost over 60 pounds and several clothes sizes. That is a decent amount of weight loss in such a short time! If you feel like the trainings are getting a little easier, be careful how you phrase that you would like a tougher workout as the next workout promises to be a butt kicker. If you are considering doing something a little different I would highly recommend giving Dennis a try.

My advice to anyone that uses Dennis, talk a little smack while working out. Not only does it make the workouts go by quickly but living in Fort Collins, we have to give our resident personal trainer/CU grad a hard time. Just be aware he has his own ways of getting back at you the next time you work out.

I would highly recommend giving Dennis a try as it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I never dreamed of losing 60 pounds in a little over four months. You put so much effort into your training sessions that before you know it you will be making a lifestyle change. I couldn’t be happier where I am today, and I owe much of it to Dennis and his training methods.

David S.
Fort Collins, Colorado