Success Story from

Jon and Monique Thompson

My wife and I, after 25 years of start-and-stop exercise, found Dennis online last year. We met at our house and he explained his process for functional fitness. We liked the idea of building strength and cardio for everyday life (going to the gym to build ‘ego muscles’ was never very motivating). We also liked the idea of a 30-minute workout three times per week (because staring down the barrel of a 60 or 90-minute workout wasn’t sustainable for us). So, we signed up.

Here we are over a year later, and this is the first time in our lives outside of playing sports as kids that we have worked out this consistently for this long.

We recommend Dennis’ services enthusiastically and without reservation for two primary reasons:

  1. His accountability. The one thing that keeps us consistent more than anything else is accountability. And the reason we show up for every workout is Dennis. His personality and energy are kind and motivating. We wouldn’t want to let him down, and yet he never applies any negative pressure. He’s just a great person to work with.
  2. His methodology. With Dennis, we do every kind of sit-up, push-up, squat, kick, punch, plank, stretch, and balance from every angle you can imagine. This is all done using gravity, an exercise ball, and basic handheld weights. The result is that we’ve become physically strong in every aspect (including cardio), which is great for golf, hiking, household stuff, picking up kids, laying on my back under the sink to fix the faucet – you name it. It’s also the first time I’ve had a six-pack in my life.

(Bonus 3rd reason – Dennis understands the value of quality beer!). 🙂

Dennis, we are grateful to you and the help you provide. Our sense of well-being and health has increased tremendously because of you. Our hope is that you’ll be available for many years to come to help us continue living better lives.

Jon and Monique Thompson
Windsor, Colorado