Success Story from

Lauren Fry

Dennis was an absolute game changer for me. I spent years (years!) trying to manage my diet and exercise by myself. I tried everything from gym classes, in home machines, Weight Watchers, and even juice fasts!

What Dennis did was provide me with a reason to be accountable (he’s coming, rain or shine!), a method to redefine what success means, and a detailed understanding of my capabilities and limits so we were always pushing the envelope. I wasn’t sure that I could put up with the ego of a personal trainer or keep up with a true workout pace. I was winded carrying my luggage through the airport, and I wasn’t sure what I was signing up for.

Our first discussion and then training session got me really excited. Dennis wanted to really understand my goals and knew that I was capable of more than I thought I was. He gave me a taste of success early (even if it was wall push-ups) and used that as a mechanism to remind me that a difficult workout was a success and not a failure. Before I knew it, we were doing tough stuff and I’d never felt more empowered in my life. There were days I was left gasping on the garage floor telling Dennis to leave and that I’d get up later. Somehow, those were actually some of my favorite days.

I lost 60 pounds while working out with Dennis and if it weren’t for a cross country move – I never would have stopped. I can lift, squat, and hike with the best of them. I added cardio training on the side and met with Esther Hansen (start tracking your food – just do it). I’ve lost 3 sizes and so many of my saggy bits don’t sag anymore! Nothing is more motivating than seeing yourself in the mirror and being confused because there’s no way that’s your butt.

One of the main things that makes Dennis different from the other options you may have is his ability to kick your butt in 30 minutes and his flexibility to meet you at home. The thirty minutes are short enough to know you’ll survive on the days you really don’t want to workout and long enough to really hit it hard when you’re feeling like beating his expectations. He consistently changes workouts up and will even sneakily hold exercises back until you can crush them. That first time you conquer something you couldn’t do previously is truly confidence building.

Put in the effort, do what Dennis asks, try not to throw the medicine ball at his face and you’ll be amazed what he can do for you!

Thank you, Dennis!

Lauren Fry
Portland, Oregon (formerly Fort Collins, Colorado)