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Jo strength trainingI decided I needed to try something different in order to lose weight. I walked or biked every day and ate as well as I could but I kept gaining weight. I knew strength training was important for good health and weight management, but I didn’t really know what I was doing when I tried to use a book to guide me. I didn’t want to join a fitness center, so I’m glad I found Dennis Blair of Core Fitness and Nutrition.

Through three different sets of strength-training routines done twice a week I have lost more than 13 pounds and traded fat into muscle, as evidenced by my being able to wear clothes I had outgrown and lift much heavier weights than I could three months previously. I never knew what I was doing before; now Dennis demonstrates each exercise and tells me which adjustments to make while I do them. I don’t have to worry about whether I’m increasing the weight or changing the routine fast enough because it’s not my job. I would never lift weights on my own for fun, but with Dennis to advise and laugh with me as I work harder than I ever imagined I could I feel myself increasing in strength almost daily. I highly recommend Dennis for anyone wanting to learn how to become strong, fit, and healthy.

Jo Fish
Fort Collins, Colorado