Success Story from

Ava D

Last year I decided to change my lifestyle in a big way – to lose a great deal of weight, and to become fit. I totally changed my diet, and in February, began walking four days a week. I knew that I needed someone more knowledgeable than me to design my fitness program.I looked for a personal trainer who would support my three goals: lose weight fast, build muscle, and strengthen, tone, and firm my body. I also wanted someone who was committed to my strong commitment. I knew that I was highly motivated and did not feel a need to work out with a trainer every week. I would do my three weight training and four cardio sessions a week on my own without needing someone to prod me.

But I did need expertise. I needed someone to design that first program, and then to change it up every month or so as I became stronger and more fit. That’s where Dennis came in.

The workouts he designs are challenging, fun, and most important, deliver results. I’m stronger, more fit, have a higher energy level, and am even more focused than when we began working together a few months ago. With each program, he shows me the how to do the routine for one session and then off I go. Dennis is knowledgeable, fun and an expert as what he does.

I am grateful I found him, and have him to guide me in my body transformation. And I’m getting great results – which for me, is really what it’s all about.

Ava D.
Fort Collins, Colorado