Success Story from

Brent Wilkins

After watching an IMAX movie with kayaking in it, I immediately had to start kayaking myself, and with in a year I was on the water as many seconds per day as possible. It wasn’t difficult to realize that the better the shape I was in, the more freestyle tricks I could pull off, and the time that I could paddle before exhaustion. Time for a trainer.

I went into my local gym and found Dennis. We had an initial discussion where I told him my goals. He came up with a workout that targeted muscle groups that were important for kayaking and also added in other exercises to form a balanced workout. He also almost convinced me that my joint pain was from over-training, which when looking back, I was.

I love to read everything in existence about whatever my current passion is. Every time that we met I would bring in questions from things that I read since our last session. Dennis was almost always able to answer all of my random health and fitness questions. If not, he would have an answer for me by next time. He knows his stuff. One thing that I couldn’t get from my books was his personal touch in one-on-one training. If I had been on my own I would have only done the few exercises that I found fun, and skipped the hard/important stuff.

Thanks, Dennis!

Brent Wilkins
Fort Collins, Colorado