Success Story from

Julie Reed

After more than 30 years of running, lifting, and swimming my way towards fitness, I recently found myself on the treadmill (again) running at 5.5 MPH (again) at an incline of 3 (again) and it hit me, “I’ve been sleepwalking through my workouts.” Though I’ve exercised for years, I suddenly realized that I’m still fighting that last 15 pounds. I’m uninspired by my workouts, and I workout because “that’s what I do,” not because I’m inspired to do so. It’s one thing to have this sort of realization but quite another to do something about it.

Enter Dennis Blair and Core Fitness and Nutrition. No more same old, same old. Dennis and his team of professional trainers deliver a cutting edge, individualized fitness plan for me. I get a new routine every time that I meet with Dennis. I do cardio and intervals. I lift, I skip, and I squat. I am challenged and engaged during my workouts—which continually evolve. I’m no longer a prisoner to my gym and its four walls. We work out in local parks, on fitness trails, and playgrounds. Dennis emphasizes functional exercise—moves that we do in everyday life—there are no contrived, complex routines that have no place in the real world.

Finally, I’m moving towards the real me—the lost woman on treadmill is a woman of the past. I am so happy I have found a personal trainer in Fort Collins that has jump started my outdated and ineffective routine. Thank you, Dennis!

Julie Reed
Fort Collins, Colorado