Success Story from

Meg Small

I started my personal training journey working with Dennis over seven years ago (we started in 2008). I just had two surgeries, one affecting my abdomen and one on an ankle. I had the upper body strength of Olive Oyl. I was constantly tired, moderately overweight and had zero endurance. My friends constantly left me behind hiking and came back to get me. During our seven years (yikes!) together,  I also ran my motor scooter off the Poudre Canyon and had to recover from multiple wrist fractures for about 4 months. The journey has not been without bumps in the road.

Today I am a different woman – hear me roar! I can hike with the best of them. I sleep like a baby. I am about one and ½ sizes smaller, soon to be two sizes smaller. I have actually had people comment on my arm muscles and upper body strength. I walk or bike to work and walk most places I need to go. In short, life is good and I am more fit that I have been in about 25 years.

Working with Dennis is not the quick, easy way – but then again have those ever worked out in the long run? It is week after week of changing routines, pushing a little harder and not giving up. And it works. You will gain muscle mass, protect your bones, have fun and lose some weight. But most of all, life will be better. You will stop dropping things out of your life and begin adding them into your life, no matter how old or young you are. Dennis will offer you the tools you need and keep you going. And all you have to do is KEEP GOING!

Thanks, Dennis!

Meg Small
Fort Collins, Colorado