Success Story from

Ricki Gray

After two years out of the gym and working myself into the worst shape of my life, I figured my injuries would hold up long enough for me to start working out again. Only one problem, it was hard to motivate myself because it wasn’t something I considered fun. But, being a college girl I missed the athletic physique I built in high school and found that to be motivation enough. My workouts were nothing spectacular and I was not happy with the lack of results I was getting.

I heard through the grapevine that Dennis was the personal trainer to see so we started an exercise program to fit my needs. A few months went by and I built up my cardio well enough to start running again. In small groups it is easier to stay motivated and it’s fun to have more than one person bug Dennis for an hour while he kicks our butt. His arsenal of animal exercises (duck walks, bear crawls, crab walks, etc.) has become his trademark, in my opinion, and when he pulls out the zoo be prepared to not be walking the next couple of days. However, I was able to recover faster than I would have been able to without Dennis’ training.

Here is my thank you to Dennis for whipping my butt into shape, even if it is at the expense of those poor ducks! Contact him today- I’m positive you won’t be disappointed!

Ricki Gray
Fort Collins, Colorado