Success Story from

Robbie Jackson

I have been working with Dennis for almost two years now. I started out as what I think his typical client is: working a desk job, very inactive and too heavy to really do the outdoorsy things I wanted to do. I enjoy mountain biking a ton, and I let myself go enough that mountain biking wasn’t fun anymore. I couldn’t keep up with my friends anymore and it just sucked to ride up hills. I was at a tipping point of making a huge change or falling deeper into the hole.

Luckily, I found Dennis through Facebook and signed up in the summer of 2016. I was 270 lbs at the time. My first workout sucked. He didn’t make me feel inadequate or out of shape which was refreshing. Looking back, we did a very easy routine, but it hurt. Now two years later, it still hurts. He has this special ability to revise your workouts as you progress and get in better shape. I’ve asked him “shouldn’t this be getting easier?” many times, but that’s not what I pay him for. I need to be constantly challenged so I can keep progressing towards achieving my goals.

I’m currently down to 230 lbs and much stronger than I have ever been, even in high school as an athlete. Every day living is easier. If it weren’t for Dennis, I’d still be 270, maybe more. He inspires me to eat healthier and shows up to my house whether I feel like working out or not. I would highly recommend him to anyone I know. I hope to keep working with him for a long time to come.

Like they say, you either pay for your health now and get in shape, or pay for it later in medical bills and prescription drugs. I’m choosing now.

Oh, and I am really enjoying being back into mountain biking!

Thanks, Dennis!

Robbie Jackson
Fort Collins, Colorado