Success Story from

Stephanie Goel

I’m writing this to not only brag about my first accomplishment worth bragging about, but to infinitely thank and praise the fellas that got me here.

In January 2016, I ended a 2.5-year relationship that was detrimental. In the period of the relationship, I had put on somewhere in the range of 40+ pounds and was feeling like I had sincerely reached a turning point. I decided that for once, instead of feeling sorry for myself and continuing the same path I had for years, I decided to get pissed and lose the weight that wore me down for 2.5 years.

I found Dennis’ website while searching for personal trainers on Google. I was willing to sacrifice my self-conscious nature and join a gym and pay some meathead money to make me a mini-meathead. Dennis was like the oasis in a gym-ridden desert. I met with him, explained my dilemma and fervent desire to better myself. Not just lose weight but just be better. I told Dennis that I wanted a team that wouldn’t force me to look at a scale to show my success, but a team that would focus on my lifestyle changes. He assured me he had the perfect coaches for me.

Dennis had me work with one of his personal trainers, Matt. I have to say that Matt has been perfect from Day 1! Our sessions never feel like a burden or drawn out. I don’t ever get a chance to recognize my butt is being kicked because he keeps my mind focused on our fantasy football teams or my dreams of the perfect basement bar and man cave. He is encouraging without being pushy and demanding, he ups the intensity in a manner that me and my adjusting body can tolerate, and I feel like he’s just as invested in my success as I am.

I’ve started to genuinely look forward to my training sessions with Matt! I like seeing how hard I can push myself, especially knowing that Matt never makes his clients do an exercise that he hasn’t done himself! I’ve stopped hating the stairs in my house, I am fitting better into airplane seats and no longer dread throwing on my bikini or shopping with my girls!

I also met with Esther (one of the registered dietitians that Dennis works with) who was flexible to my realistic parameters. I had dieted in the past and knew that I was not great at staying on the bandwagon. I also knew that I would not be great about giving up my vices (mainly craft beer, I do live in craft beer heaven!), and traveling would make my life hard when it came to eating. She provided me many options for finding success at home and on the road, tips for watching my calories when I go out to have fun and a real-life Pinterest board of recipies and conversation to make me feel like I was genuinely out to change my eating habits, not dieting.

Since working with Matt and Esther, I can bench 10-15lbs more than previously, I’ve dropped a pant size and I am down 30 pounds since deciding to change my lifestyle. I sleep better, can master many flights of stairs without huffing and puffing and feel stronger than ever. I care about what I eat, watch how much water I drink and genuinely want Matt, Esther, and Dennis to be proud of the effort I put forth and the progress I’ve made. In the grand scheme of things, these changes are not much. I’m not about to stand next to a cardboard cutout of myself on the Biggest Loser and claim to be a champion, but I know I’m on an excellent path. One that I want to continue following, not just reach an end-date and go about my business.

I’m forever grateful for Dennis giving me the opportunity to meet his team, find my stride and be successful at something I struggled with for so long. It’s not often I feel good and look good when I’m in a 2-piece, but I gotta say…damn this is nice!

Stephanie Goel
Fort Collins, Colorado