Success Story from

Teah Welch

My story is probably the story you have heard a thousand different times. I was incredibly fit growing up through high school where I was active and played rugby, a physically intense sport. When I graduated and moved to college the transformation slowly began, and not in a good way. I worked out about 5-6 times per week, but the dorm food and college life were too hard to combat.

After about 3 years of continually struggling with the way my body was changing and feeling like it was out of my control, I reached out to Dennis. And I am so glad I did. I had done plenty of programs in the past and really started my weight loss journey in January 2015. I hit the “plateau” as many people know in June and July, which is when I decided to find a personal trainer that fit my needs and schedule.

Dennis was wonderful to work with! After nearly 8 months of working with Dennis I lost almost 12 pounds. That may not seem like a lot, but for someone like me who worked incessantly on my own for 6 months and stayed at a pretty consistent weight, seeing the change of 12 pounds was HUGE. I know weight isn’t the only thing to determine your success, in fact it’s the last thing. I have seen definition come back into my legs similar to what it was while I was a full time athlete playing competitive rugby. My arms and back are more defined now than I think they ever have been. Dennis’ approach of short, intense workouts was just what I needed to fix what I was doing!

I highly recommend him to anyone that asks me. It is important to not only take the trainer you work with seriously, but have the trainer take you seriously. If you are at the point that I was at, make the change and get Dennis’ help. You won’t be disappointed.

Teah Welch
Fort Collins, Colorado