Success Story from

Tod Huckaby

Hi everyone, Tod Huckaby here a local high school teacher and one of Dennis’ clients. Dennis to me is the personal fitness trainer in Fort Collins with an appreciation for the realities of life. He is patient with novices, responsive to whatever physical limitations you may have and provides you plenty of opportunity for your input about your goals and concerns with the nature of your workouts. Once Dennis has designed your workout, he teaches you how to do it, fine tunes it and monitors your progress in a professional and friendly manner. Dennis doesn’t just watch me workout, he encourages me and continually refocuses me during my workout.

Despite his fascination with new ways to make push ups challenging, Dennis has always kept a constant pressure on me to do more difficult exercises at a nice pace. I look forward (as much as one can) to the modification of the workout to see what he will do to me next. I mean what my new workout will entail. He is great to talk to and very flexible about calendar and workout times.

He is really great. Please tell him you read this. He has me doing push ups off a weight bench!

Tod Huckaby
Fort Collins, Colorado