Success Story from

Verlane Saxton

October 8, 2013, was my first personal training session with Dennis. After seeing the positive changes in my friend, Valerie, I felt confident in committing to 8 months of 2 workouts a week.

In the beginning, I trusted Dennis because of Valerie, but, as I experienced his professionally caring guidance in each workout, I came to trust him also. At the age of 64 with a lifelong tendency to avoid exerting myself physically, I knew I needed someone who would put me in a position of seeing results rather quickly. I have had two surgeries to correct vertebrae in my neck and back, so it was important that Dennis knew how to strengthen those areas. With arthritis and poor conditioning, I was a challenge. 🙂

I have experienced strengthening, greater balance, and increased mobility with the two a week workouts. I tried only once a week during the summer and feel twice a week works the best. Many times, when I am least expecting it, I will experience the benefit of having been strengthened! Backaches, shoulder aches and neck aches are history!  Riding my bicycle is easier. Carrying groceries and moving furniture don’t leave me hurting. Even riding in a car does not cause me the stiffness I used to have. The confidence in completing 30 minutes of exercise to the specifications Dennis has determined to be best for me is confidence building. Dennis doesn’t care that I am a “senior.”  He really is not intimidated by my surgeries or lack of initiative on my part. He knows, with time and perseverance, I will be in a better place with my overall health.

Dennis is open to hearing anything that I find is helpful in improving my lifestyle…my quality of living. Whether it is diet or exercise outside the hour/week I spend with him, Dennis is open to listening and learning. His experience is extensive yet he is a great listener and I value his feedback. For a guy (ha!), I find him to be quite ‘tuned in’ to hearing what is being communicated, and, I appreciate that.

I don’t have statistics to share, just testimony that I am feeling the best I have felt for years! I am looking forward to where I will be a year from now!!! THAT will be a time of celebration as I reach the 65th year of my life’s journey.

Verlane Saxton
Fort Collins, Colorado