consistent health and fitness goalsAre you trying to get in shape and be healthy? Then you need to come up with a plan on how you will achieve your health and fitness goals!

Many of us have an ideal body shape that we strive for, but nevertheless, we just don’t know how to get there. We think that if we only do a couple of months of exercise we will see results. However, we soon come to realize that we are disappointed of not seeing results right away, and we may abandon our health and fitness goals completely.

What most people don’t realize is that it takes consistency that helps us achieve our health and fitness goals.

Achieving Health and Fitness Goals

Think about it. How do people in their chosen professions become successful? How do athletes become successful in their chosen sport?

It’s all about being consistent in working towards their goals. Being consistent in one field will result in success. It is about building habits.

In order to have the ideal body shape or be healthy, you have to crave what it is you are working towards. Here are some tips for staying consistent in your daily routines in order to help you be successful with your health and fitness goals!

What You Can Do To Be Consistent

Exercise 4-5 days per week

It has been shown that working out at least 4-5 days per week will help you stay fit and healthy. People who exercise regularly have lower risks of getting sick since it promotes a healthy immune system, strengthens our cardiovascular systems, and above all keeps us strong and healthy.

Try different routines

Sticking to only one routine may cause you to get bored of doing the same routine over and over. This can lead lead to inconsistency in your routines. You should be able to plan on trying to do different activities ahead of time. For example, you could go jogging on a Monday, then strengthening exercises on Tuesday, and so forth, depending on how you schedule your daily activities. Every time I meet with a client, they are always doing a different routine to not only keep them from getting bored but also to keep the body from becoming stagnant.

Be S-M-A-R-T about health and fitness goals

You should be setting Specific goals. You have to plan out what you are going to do and at the same time make sure that what you have planned will be challenging. You must also Measure your progress. If your target is to lose 5-8 pounds a week (which is doable), you must be able to monitor your daily weight to check how much more will you need to lose. You should be able to Attain what you have planned. In order to be successful in obtaining your ideal body shape, you should do your best to achieve it. You must also set Realistic goals. 

Goals that are attainable are goals that are realistic. Don’t push yourself too hard on to something not realistic. For instance, let’s say you weigh around 250 pounds. You set a goal of losing 50 pounds in one month. This is not only unrealistic but it’s also not healthy! In order to achieve perfect body weight, goals must be realistic, and pushing yourself too hard won’t be of any help. Lastly, goals should have Time limits. In order to see much development and in order to evaluate the effectiveness of a routine, you should set a time goal. For example, one of your goals may be trying to lose three pounds within a week. Not only have you set a time limit, but you have also set a realistic goal. 

Enjoy every routine

You are the one who’s making you do this, so make sure you are enjoying what you are doing. If something doesn’t work for you, then change it up. You don’t have to be set in what you are doing. If you are having fun with what you are doing, it will surely become a habit for you.

Give yourself a reward for your health and fitness goals

You must be able to give yourself a reward every now and then. Rewards help us stay on track and help us be consistent. I currently told one of my clients that if he gets below 300 lbs I would treat him to a beer at one of our fabulous breweries! 

treat yo self

The key to fitness success is consistency.  If you are not consistent in whatever you are doing, you will surely not succeed, and most of all you’ll be just wasting your time, energy, and effort. Follow the above guidelines, and I promise you will be on your way to achieving all your health and fitness goals!