Learn how consistency can help you achieve your health and fitness goals in this expert blog post from Core Fitness and Nutrition!Consistency is something that is often overlooked in weight loss and health and fitness goals. Most people believe that by eating sensibly and exercising you will be able to lose weight and regain the control they were looking for. While that may be true, it could take some time to achieve such goals. Being consistent both in terms of eating and exercising will help your body shift that unwanted weight more quickly and help you achieve your fitness goals.

Having consistency in your eating is one way of losing weight. Keeping your diet consistent will teach your body expectation and be more effective at managing calorie intake and weight. Again, it is important to keep the diet balanced so that you don’t binge on carbohydrates or protein sources.

A good tip for managing your eating habits and diet is to have a plan of attack and to stick to it! Plan your meals and then stick to it. Again, your body will be able to more effectively control weight and help you during exercise. A common problem many people experience during dieting is binging and snacking on treats as a form of reward for their good work. While you may well deserve it, it will also be a stumbling block in achieving your goal. Planning treats into your diet is a much more effective way of doing this.

Stick to your fitness goals and you will see results!Regarding exercise, there is plenty you can do to help stay consistent. The first and most important is to set aside at least 30 minutes each day for it. You’ll never fit it into your day if you don’t schedule it—most people are far too busy to do so. The time can vary from one week to the next but make sure you plan it in. Next, split this time between cardio and strength training. The body doesn’t require much more than 30 minutes of cardio a day so the rest of the time can be used to keep it interesting and try out more intense exercises. Keeping this mix will help improve your results and meet your goals much sooner. It is important to consistently vary your workouts.

Exercising every single day is good but not when it is the same every time. Your body will peak too early and your results will begin to slow. Changing the exercises will keep your body reacting and make it interesting for you.

To achieve permanent weight loss, consistency in dieting and exercising is crucial; the body is using what you eat to exercise and cannot store it as fat and gain weight. Consistency should help improve your overall health, achieve your weight and fitness goals and start to form strong muscle tissue.