I am going to tell you a story today about another one of my Fort Collins personal training success stories. I am going to tell you a story about success and failure. I am going to tell you a story that epitomizes why I decided to forgo a career as an attorney to do what I love.

And I hope it inspires you.

Fort Collins Personal Training Weight Loss

Mary Dolce, Fort Collins Personal Training Success Story

Do you see that lady over there? That is Mary Dolce. Mary came to me in the summer of 2011 after I ran a deal through one of those daily deal companies.

Mary has a very convoluted history when it comes to weight loss. She had a very complicated relationship with food. She tried Weight Watchers multiple times but nothing really stuck.

When I did the consultation with her, she said her commitment to achieving her goals was about a “6.” She wanted to be confident, but she said that she never succeeded at losing weight and making it stay off before. So she was hesitant.

At the time, I had a phalanx of personal trainers, so I hooked her up with Domingo. Domingo was an excellent personal trainer, and I knew that he would do great things with Mary. But the concern was that Mary may be another tire kicker and only do the few sessions of the deal and then quit.

But guess what? She didn’t quit. In fact, she signed up for an entire year! She started training with Domingo 2x/week.

In about eight months, Mary had lost 34 pounds. Things were rolling right along. She was working hard and losing weight. She was meeting with our registered dietitian, Esther…


Mary decided to meet with Domingo only twice a month after her year was up. That was fine, but…she started sabotaging herself again with food.

And she gained back all the weight that she had lost…and then some.

It was heartbreaking.

On top of this, Domingo was about to fly the coop because he had taken a new job in Broomfield. Knowing what she was going to say, I asked Mary if she would quit if I sent over another trainer. She affirmed my suspicion.

Knowing that I couldn’t leave her hanging, I decided to take her on myself.

It was one of the best decisions I have ever made as a personal trainer.

When we got started, Mary already was seeing a counselor to help with her challenges with food. THAT was one of the best decisions Mary ever made! The counselor asked Mary to start thinking about why she sabotages herself when she starts succeeding at weight loss. She made her change her entire paradigm when it comes to food.

And it’s working!

Mary also decided to make a new goal. In 2014, she turns 50-years-old. She decided that she was going to be “Nifty At Fifty” by losing 100 pounds. Not necessarily losing 100 pounds BY her birthday, but at some point during her 50th year.

One hundred pounds? Wow! I thought that was a lofty goal, but I was all in!

Mary and I were only meeting twice a month for about nine months. That’s not a lot of working out, but she was WINNING her battle with food! The weight kept slowly creeping down…down…down…

Now we are meeting once a week. And I am proud to say (drum roll please)….


Mary is doing it the right way. She is eating well for the most part (she did have a temporary slip-up recently where she decided to devour a bunch of Chinese food, thus, gaining almost six pounds in one week), she is not giving up and she is busting her ASS when she meets with me.


Mary, Doc and Petey

Is Mary going to make it to 100 pounds during her 50th year? Time will tell. But even if she doesn’t, she realizes that she is in it for the long haul, and she will have failed forward!

Some of my other clients think I am the major reason Mary is succeeding with her Fort Collins personal training. I am not taking all the credit at all. In fact, I am only taking 20% of the credit for Mary’s success. She is the one who has NOT QUIT! Even when she failed and gained all the weight back and then some, she DID NOT QUIT!

Mary is a freakin’ rockstar. She keeps picking herself back up, dusting herself off, and moving forward. She epitomizes the Japanese proverb:

“Fall down seven times, stand up eight.”

I can’t tell you how much immense pride I have when people ask me about Mary. She will say that this is bullsh*t (believe me this accurately reflects what she would say), but she is an inspiration to a lot of people. And she deserves all the accolades.

You can see Mary’s Fort Collins personal training testimonial here.

As Mary and I like to say to each other…ONWARD!