The health benefits of resistance training are numerous. When it comes to fitness and getting in shape, there are a myriad of training programs to choose from. Different people prefer different methods for their given situation. One of the most popular forms of training is resistance training, also known as strength training. Resistance training is a form of training where weights are used in a workout with the intent of building strength or increase endurance. Weights can range from dumbbells, body weight or resistance bands; anything that would require increased use of physical exertion throughout the workout. This type of training offers many types of health benefits both mentally and physically.

Maximum Weight Loss

The health benefits of resistance training are numerous. Resistance training should be a part of your exercise routine.One of the primary health benefits of resistance training is maximum weight loss. Large amounts of fat deposits simply cannot exist in the presence of actual muscle mass. High levels of energy are used during resistance training, and this energy is used to create and build muscle while simultaneously burning fat. As a result of developing muscle, the body will become more shaped and defined, which not only is a health benefit, but a physical benefit as well. Even after the workout is complete, your body continues to work burning calories and fat in order to maintain the muscle that you have on your body.

Increase Energy Levels

In addition to the amount of energy being used to burn calories, resistance training will also increase the level of energy you have during the day. Pumping iron also releases hormones that literally make you “feel good.” The release of endorphins from doing a resistance training routine helps with our mental well-being.

Body Strength

Another health benefit of resistance training is an increase in body strength. By developing a good amount of body strength, you become fit and the body has better protection from serious injuries. You will also experience an increase in endurance and agility. When you increase your endurance, you can be more active and not get tired as fast. A strong body will also improve posture which will increase blood flow and ability for the lungs to fully inhale and exhale. As seen by many elderly people with hunched backs, breathing is a very difficult task. Naturally as people age, they lose a percentage of muscle every year. By having a regular strength training program, you can reverse this effect and avoid common injuries that many older people suffer from.

Heart Health

One of the most important benefits of resistance training is how it improves heart conditions. During an intense workout, the heart rate is dramatically increased and drops immediately after working out. This “workout” for this heart is good for lowering the heart rate as well as lowering blood pressure. Additionally, consistent resistance training protects the heart from possible heart attacks and counters the risk of heart disease.

Conclusion of Health Benefits of Resistance Training

It is easy to see the health benefits of resistant training. If you body will allow it, it is a training routine that will not fail you. The benefits are too numerous to ignore and no matter your age, you can incorporate some form of resistance training in your workout.