Working with Leela Hazzah of Lion Guardians for personal trainingOh boy…I screwed up a personal training story.

I knew when I wrote my 2015 recap a month or so ago that I was going to forget someone.

So here is my mea culpa.

I forgot to tell you about Leela Hazzah.

Leela is the founder of Lion Guardians. Direct from her website, here is their mission:

“Lion Guardians is a conservation organization dedicated to finding and enacting long-term solutions for people and lions to coexist across Kenya and Tanzania. Lion Guardians currently trains and supports a team of more than 80 East Africans who are actively protecting lions covering approximately 5,500 sq. kms (1.3 million acres). We are committed to workable solutions that are scientifically-driven.”

Leela contacted me all the way from Africa late in the summer. She was invited to come to CSU for a month and work with the College of Natural Resources.

Personal training for Africa?

She contacted me because she always wanted to work with a personal trainer, and since she was here for a month, she wanted to not only work with me but also to get some ideas of what she could do when she got back to Africa.

Working with Leela was awesome for that month that we were together. Since I was so tight with time, I didn’t really have any free slots available unless she let me bring my daughter with me. Leela was gracious enough to let me do that.

Leela really worked hard for the limited amount of time that we had together. She didn’t complain…too much. 🙂 But just like everyone else, my clients are going to complain at some point. She was willing to try everything that I threw at her. I greatly appreciate that because there are some people that refuse to do certain exercises.

Now Leela is back in Africa and doing a lot of work with TRX bands and incorporating some of the bodyweight movements that I showed her while she was here.

Sorry, Leela, for forgetting you! I hope that you forgive me! 🙂 But thank you for contacting me and trusting me to help you with your health and fitness needs!

As a bonus, you can see Leela win a CNN Hero award for her wonderful work in, what she calls, “the bush.” There is a short video showing what they are doing over there, too.

Again, thanks for reading!

Committed to your health and fitness success,

Dennis Blair
Core Fitness and Nutrition