Recently I stumbled on a blog focused on regret. Secret Regrets asks for people to submit their biggest regret and encourages posters to check back daily to see if their regret was posted. The only identifying information that’s provided is the poster’s age and gender.

Intrigued, I glanced through the blog which is updated daily with a single submitted regret from someone. As I scrolled through the various stories of shattered hopes and halted dreams, I noticed a trend….

Most of these posters not only regret their actions but also indicate that their current lives are miserable because of them.

Regrets Are Secretive

There is a reason the regrets are secret. After all, they are little balls of guilt slowly eating away at their emotional health, inhibiting them from truly enjoying life.

regretsSure, there is a moment in everybody’s life that they regret. It may include “D’oh!” moments like stubbing your toe on a loose floorboard, grabbing the third dessert in the buffet line, or making a rather unnecessary fitness purchase (Remember the Shake Weight or Thighmaster?).

(I just watched the Shake Weight video link, and I couldn’t stop laughing!)

Or how about the time you were regretting the decision to go to Sonic and order a shake when you knew that your personal trainer would disapprove?

Your regrets might include something much deeper and unresolved, and it has the potential for eating away at your health.

Mistakes are Common

Just remember: don’t cry over spilled milk. Everyone makes mistakes, and sometimes we will make mistakes repeatedly (the Big Mac is quite tempting when you’re on the road, after all). All regrets will do is keep your mind in the past, doomed to live the same mistake over and over and OVER. Talk about a quick route to consistently keep you unmotivated!

You can make up that workout you missed by doing an extra workout the following week.

You can eat healthy the rest of the week since you slipped up a bit by going to Sonic.

It’s all about being proactive and finding some healthy alternatives. Be creative.

The past is the past, and the ticket to the future is always blank. YOU have the power to let go of your regrets, and YOU have the power to take that first step toward a healthier lifestyle. Whether that includes shaking off emotional baggage or taking the stairs instead of the elevator, YOU are in control of your physical, mental, and emotional health.

Remember, you ALWAYS have the power to change your life. Might as well make it for the better.