Hello everyone,

I apologize for not sending more personal training updates sooner. I hope this email finds you all doing well in our time of crisis. It’s obviously been a challenging time for all of us. I am just now starting to pull myself out figuring this all out and moving forward. I want to give you an update on what I am doing and make suggestions as to what you should be doing as we get through this.

First of all, I just have to start off by saying I have the most amazing personal training clients ever. As this started unfolding with more and more people in Colorado starting to become infected, I knew that I needed to keep my clients moving without putting them at risk. Even though I have been vigilant with keeping myself healthy and keeping a distance from other people, I understand the concern that comes with this virus.

Most of my clients were more than happy to transition to online personal training. In fact, I just got the information up on my website so everyone can see how we are doing this. You can go here to get more information on how online training works. We have been training most clients via Zoom, FaceTime, or Skype for almost a month now.

With this transition to online training, I am excited to see if I can get some clients from around the country. I don’t plan on pursuing this too aggressively right now because I still want to be a local personal trainer helping out our local communities in Northern Colorado.

It has been an almost seamless transition. I still am pushing my clients through these online portals the same way as if I was still there in their homes. The only hiccups along the way were figuring out which portal was the best for most (Zoom) and the least reliable (FaceTime).

The other variable that we were not expecting was my clients’ pets and/or children. We have had some comic relief with clients’ pets while training online! Check them out:

online personal training

online personal training

online personal training
I truly miss seeing my clients in person. I obviously am not doing as much driving around town to see clients. But I know that eventually, we will be able to get back to some semblance of normalcy. Training my clients online is definitely not the same as seeing them in person.

With more time on my hands due to my lack of driving, I have started focusing on my health and well-being a little more as well. I have started a stretching routine almost every day where my lucky 11-year-old daughter gets to assist me in PNF stretching. She loves it! 🙂

I am also able to get some bike rides in during the day which I couldn’t do before.bike riding exercise

In this time of gyms closing, you still need to exercise. I have been heartened when I am driving around town to see A LOT more people either getting out for a walk or riding their bikes. Believe me, the increase in the number of people getting outside has been VERY noticeable!

Not only is some exercise going to help you physically, but it is also going to help with your mental health as well. We can’t just lounge around the house all day and watch that stupid Tiger King show. (Yes, I had to watch it because a client threatened to quit if I didn’t. I want my seven hours back. What a train wreck!)

If you need some assistance with coming up with ideas to help you still get your routines in, just let me know. Donna and I definitely have slots open to do online training for the time being. Or another option is meeting in your front or back yard or at a local park which a few clients are doing. It’s really nice to be outside! I would be happy to help in any way that I can.

As my mom used to always say, “This too shall pass.” We are all in this together.

Be safe out there and be well. If you need anything, just let me know. I will continue to send out newsletters and updates every couple of weeks from here on out. I am back at it.

Love ya, Northern Colorado!