fitnessAs you creep past 40, you may start thinking about how to improve your fitness help improve your health.

While it may appear difficult it is not hopeless.

There is no magic formula that will work for everyone, however, there are plenty of fitness tips that you can apply to see if they help you.

Stay positive 

A positive mental attitude will help and if you visualize achieving your fitness goals you are far more likely to do so!

Set realistic goals

Unachievable fitness goals will hamper all of your efforts simply by demoralizing you. Set small goals or small steps along the way to a bigger goal to make sure you achieve your weight target.

Forget the equipment

You don’t need to worry about exercise equipment or a gym membership. Your own body weight and aerobic exercises will be enough for you to stay fit and healthy. Going to the gym will always have the temptation of just sitting on the bike or walking on the treadmill for a long period of time at a slow speed. Changing your routine and varying your intensity will bring your results more quickly.

Bring weights into your exercise routine 

Even a few light weights can have a huge impact on your fitness goals. If you want to tone your muscles you will need to create lean muscle mass that can be achieved only through some type of resistance training.

Eat right the right foods

Comfort food is always tempting but is inherently bad for you and your weight loss goals. Balanced diets will help you achieve your goals and give you a better sense of overall health. Snacks and treats are okay in moderation but only if you plan them into your diet and routine.

Keep it consistent

With a busy lifestyle it is difficult to fit in time to exercise, but planning your time and your exercise routine will bring you much quicker results. Having a dedicated time slot throughout the week will stop you from forgetting to exercise and allow your body to develop more quickly. Exercising here and there whenever you can not allow your body to learn how and when it needs to recover and improve.

Find reasons to exercise

A little extra bit of exercise throughout the day can also help a great deal. How many times have you taken an elevator over the stairs or used a car instead of walking? These are things that everyone is guilty of but changing the way you go about everyday life can help improve your health without having to dedicate time to exercise and gym sessions.

Bring a friend

It is always easier to achieve your goals when you share the workload, getting a friend or family member involved with you is likely to improve your chances significantly.