When it comes to weight loss goals, you shouldn’t emulate celebrities.

Recently on the fan page for Core Fitness and Nutrition on Facebook, I posted a comment that stated, “I cannot ‘out train’ bad nutrition. If your diet is horrible, we can work out all the time and you still won’t see results.” 

weight lossThe reason for posting this was the ongoing battle I have with some of my clients who bust their butt when they are training with me but then proceed to eat calorie laden crap when they are alone. It’s like they forgot their weight loss goals. There isn’t one particular client that I was thinking about when I posted this; I was just reflecting on some of my current clients and those clients who quit in the past because they weren’t achieving their weight loss goals.

Bobby Brown’s weight loss goals?

I remember watching a television show years ago called “Celebrity Fit Club” on VH1. If you didn’t see this show, what happened is they took a group of C-D list celebrities and got them on a program to become healthier and lose weight. It’s funny that I watched this show because I have never seen one episode of the “The Biggest Loser” (that is another topic for another blog).

In one particular episode, Bobby Brown, the former New Edition member, the former Mr. Whitney Houston and the former late 80’s pop wunderkind decided that eating fried chicken and drinking beer was going to help him lose weight.

Yup, you read that right.

In this show, they had a hard-ass bootcamp instructor who didn’t take their prima donna crap (I think that is why I liked it!). He put them through some pretty intense workouts. Each week, all the participants weighed-in to see if they achieved the weight loss goal that they were given the previous week.

When Mr. Brown stepped on the scale, he actually either gained a couple of pounds or didn’t lose any weight.

So the excuses started flying from Mr. “It’s My Prerogative’s” mouth.

Bobby Brown didn't take his weight loss goals seriously

I don’t recall all of them, but he was actually surprised that he didn’t lose weight after all the hard work he put in during the week. The nutritionist on the show was just incredulous that Bobby thought that eating fried chicken and drinking beer was okay while he was on a weight loss program. 

In another episode, Nicole Eggert (of Charles in Charge and Baywatch fame–told you they were C-D list celebrities) couldn’t believe she didn’t lose weight either. Her vice?  She liked to drink wine. She couldn’t stop at one glass. Do you know how many calories are typically in one glass of wine?

Try 105-125 calories.

Have a couple glasses and you have already hit close to 250 calories. Water would have been a much better choice for her. She definitely was not going to reach her weight loss goals.

Diet and exercise go hand and hand. If one is missing, the other won’t be able to do it all on its own. I have always told people that weight loss is 80% nutrition. If your food choices are spot on, you can work out all you want and not get anywhere with your weight loss goals.

Thus, the simple statement that I posted on Facebook.

I can help you burn a lot of calories in a single session, but if you are going home and eating fried chicken and drinking beer, we are just spinning our wheels.

So take a look at your diet. If you haven’t lost any weight and continue to exercise, you aren’t creating a big enough caloric deficit to start burning off pounds. 

If you need help, just let me know. I have an algebraic formula to tell you how many calories you should be consuming in order to accomplish your weight loss goals.

And if you get the chance, try to find some old episodes of “Celebrity Fit Club.” It’s a riot to see these celebrities get called out for their prima donna ways. Some of them get it and change their habits and others are so caught up in themselves that they will never see any weight loss goals and will continue to be miserable.

Don’t emulate the latter.