You can control stress by looking at factors in your life that cause it and make a plan to help.Stress is a mental state that affects the mind and well-being and usually in a negative manner. While there is no definitive definition of it, there are a number of signs and symptoms that can show what it really is.


Symptoms of stress manifest themselves both psychically and mentally. Physically a person can have a migraine, be constantly tired, have a high heart rate, dry hands, suffer from insomnia, the tenseness of muscles, and changes in breathing patterns. Behavioral changes can also occur such as vagueness, loss of memory, poor concentration levels, and a drop in decision-making ability.

The effects of stress are usually negative, although some experts believe that a small amount of stress can have a positive impact on a person’s productivity. Usually, stress will cause physical, emotional, and behavioral changes to a person that has a detrimental effect on their daily life. People are stressed in different ways and their stress is usually triggered by different factors. Similar to this the way to deal with stress will vary from person to person.


A number of possible solutions are detailed below:

1- While it might sound strange, keeping active is often a good way of dealing with stress, simply because your mind is elsewhere. Keeping active can be as simple as a household chore or an exercise routine

2- Empowering yourself by taking control of problems can be very rewarding and can help you to overcome what is stressing you. When people feel “out of control,” they naturally begin to feel negative, and taking control again can turn this around.

3- Surrounding yourself with friends or family can help create a social factor that keeps your mind away from the situations in your life that are causing your stress.

4- Against this, alone time can also be beneficial. Being alone can have a calming effect on the mind.

5- Creating a personal challenge can help. The challenge can be anything that you wish to accomplish. When giving yourself a personal challenge, make sure you have provided a clear goal and clear path to achieve something in your goal.

6- Unhealthy habits such as smoking and drinking cause levels of anxiety to rise which will mean stress is more difficult to overcome.

7 – An improved diet that reduces fatty and sugary foods has been proven to help deal with the body not working overtime on these digestive stressors on the body.

8- I may be easier said than done, but a positive mental attitude will do wonders for stress levels. Being positive about all aspects of life should help you overcome stressful times more easily.

9- Stress is funny in that many people believe you must work harder to overcome it. However, this is not necessarily the truth. Stress can be caused by poor organization and sometimes changing how you work can overcome the stress. Working smarter instead of harder is sometimes the better way.

10- Finally a number of relaxation and breathing techniques are available that can be utilized. Meditation is the most common example and can be a huge help by getting oxygen to the brain and around the body.

When it comes to dealing with what is stressing you, there is a multitude of tools to help you overcome the people and items in your life that are causing the stress. Regular exercise, a good diet, and mental balance are the general tools that will help you when dealing with stress.