Strength training aims at building external resistance pressure to strengthen the targeted muscles. It is also referred to as weight training or resistance exercise. Listed below are the benefits of including weight training in your fitness regime.

strength training helps build muscleStrength Training Will Strengthen Your Muscles and Bones

Generally, your muscles contract against the resistance built during strength training. Incorporating progressive weights strengthens your bones and muscles. It enables you to withstand any external pressure over a long period. As we age, our bones tend to be weak and fragile. Therefore, regular weight training helps protect against premature bone atrophy like osteoporosis.

Strength Training and Maintaining Muscle

People tend to increase body fat accumulation with time. They also lose muscle mass and density. Strength training targets core muscle tissues, helping you to burn fat and build lean muscles. 

Frequent weight training helps in maintaining your overall body mass and density as you grow older. Most women are skeptical about strength training fearing that it will make them muscular, bulky, and less appealing. Men find it easier to gain muscle and become bulky due to high testosterone hormone levels that promote muscle growth.

Strength Training Minimizes Risks of Fractures 

Reduced muscle mass and bone density tend to expose us to risks of fractures and pains caused by accidental fallings. Frequent resistance training helps strengthen muscles and bones, making you stronger and enabling your muscles to release pressure from your joint or tissues, minimizing your risks of getting fractures. 

Alleviating Chronic Pains

Individuals who have arthritis tend to opt for frequent weight training to reduce chronic pains by improving bone strength and performance. Like any other exercise, resistance training improves your cardiovascular functions, reducing the likelihood of high blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, or other heart diseases.

It Helps Shed Excess Weight

Strength training aims to build lean muscle by burning excess calories and fats. Lifting weights or resistance training consistently helps boost your metabolism, enabling you shed excess body weight and reach your desired fitness goal.

Improves Body Aesthetics

Strength training exercise allows you to build and develop your body core muscles while burning excess calories and body fat. Incorporating consistent resistance workouts into your exercise regime will help define and tone your muscles, giving you that desired strong, fit, and confident look.

Improves Body Posture

Weight training helps in strengthening your shoulder, chest, and back muscles. Targeting these specific core muscles on your body helps in improving your body posture and balance. Working out your upper body and lower back helps reduce neck, shoulder, and back tension that may be caused by sitting on your desk for too long or just being inactive. Moreover, planks and deadlifts strengthen abdominal core muscles that help provide maximum support to your spine, improving your posture.


The importance of incorporating consistent weight training in your fitness journey cannot be overstated. Depending on your fitness goal, you can comfortably adopt this regime and marvel at your body transformation. Our bodies are different and thus respond differently to physical exercise. Therefore, it is paramount that you do not compare your journey to someone else’s.