In the previous post, I detailed to you Jacquelyn’s success story. If you didn’t see that, you can read about her amazing success here.

extreme weight lossNow it’s time to introduce Lauren and her personal training success story.

Lauren is just to your right. Amazing isn’t it?

Lauren met with me in July 2015. When we first met, Lauren weighed 375 pounds. Lauren obviously wanted to lose weight and have better movement. She wanted to look towards the future of weighing less and being able to do things that she wasn’t able to do.

She finally reached that point where it was time to do something about her health.

When Lauren first started, we needed to take it slow. There was a lot she couldn’t physically do. When someone needs to lose quite a bit of weight, you take things a little slowly.

But you know what? We don’t take things slowly anymore!

I have trained hundreds and hundreds of clients in the last 13 years. Lauren has BLOWN ME AWAY with her work ethic. I can literally say that she is in the top 3 clients EVER that work their ASSES off every single time I show up! 

There is nothing that Lauren can’t do anymore. She will attempt everything that I throw at her.

Pushups on her toes? Check!

Jump Squats: Check!

Dips off a chair? Check!

Jumping Jacks for a minute? CHECK!

There have been clients in the past that have absolutely refused to do certain movements just because they don’t like the movement.

Not Lauren.

Lauren has also cleaned up her diet. It wasn’t horrible to start with, but she did meet with the registered dietitian that I work with. She took that extra step to make sure that she reaches her goals.

So what has Lauren accomplished so far?

(Drumroll please)

Lauren has lost 75 pounds total, 3 clothes sizes, AND has taken off this much on her body:

  • Chest – 5 inches
  • Bicep – 4.75 inches
  • Thigh – 5.5 inches
  • Waist – 6 inches
  • Calf – 4.5 inches
  • Hips – 9 inches

If you haven’t done the math, that is almost 35 inches she has lost in just over a year! (I just got goosebumps posting those results!)

And you know what? We are not always consistent with our schedule. Lauren has to travel quite a bit for work, so sometimes we only meet once a week. There are other times when we miss the whole week. But she keeps plugging away. There are no excuses for her!

I can’t begin to convey how proud I am of Lauren. When I started in 2003, I was hoping that I could achieve this type of success with my clients that Lauren has achieved. Having a client like Lauren just reinforces why I chose this career.

Do you know what the kicker is? We are just getting started. She is going to keep moving forward because this is her life now. She has embraced the health and fitness lifestyle.

Lauren, thank you for being such an amazing client. You, too, are a freakin’ R-O-C-K-S-T-A-R!