fitness benefits of walkingThe fitness benefits of walking are numerous. Walking is something we do every day but usually not for a very long time. We have short bursts here and there when we are at home or at work. However, because of our busy lifestyles, we usually don’t walk to the grocery store or over to our kid’s school to pick them up.

Walking is very beneficial to overall health, easy to do, and is accessible by most of us. A brisk walk of around 20-30 mins can have a huge impact on your health if maintained over a period of time.

Weight Control

Believe it or not, walking can help to control your weight. One of the fitness benefits of walking, as with any form of exercise, increases the number of calories that the body requires and regular walking can help you lose weight by burning your excess fat and calories. You have to remember to keep your diet in check, though, or the weight loss benefits will not happen. With walking being such a simple exercise that is accessible to most of us regardless of age or fitness level, most people should be able to help keep their weight in check by walking every day.

Cholesterol Control

Some other fitness benefits of walking are that cholesterol can be controlled by walking and exercise in two ways. First, HDL cholesterol (the good type) can be raised whereas your LDL cholesterol (the bad type) can be lowered. Walking also helps lower blood pressure which may make you less likely to have hypertension or heart disease. It has been shown that regular walkers are far less likely to suffer strokes and be susceptible to heart disease than those who sit around and do not exercise.

Asthma Control

Those who suffer from asthma can help their conditions through walking. Walking will cause the body to deal with breathing problems more effectively if it is done on a regular basis. It is important to exercise sensibly, though, if you suffer from severe asthma to avoid any further injury or problems over the long term.

Immune System Boost

The immune system can also be boosted by walking regularly. Your body is actually worn down after each walk. However, since your immune system gets a boost from exercise, your body has an added defense and improved resilience to a variety of diseases. From this perspective, walking can help with certain types of arthritis, degenerative diseases, and even some form of cancers.

Additional benefits can also include a person being less dependent upon medication and painkillers as well as a heightened sense of calm. Walking is very therapeutic and can be done with a heightened sense of mindfulness. Stress levels can be reduced and may help save the brain and mind from degenerative diseases over the longer term.

There are multiple benefits of walking that can help take care of nearly all parts of the body in different ways. The easy access to this form of exercise along with the low-level intensity of walking make it a viable option for nearly everybody. So get outside and take a walk around!