If you want a good fitness smartwatch, you either go for a Fitbit or an Apple Watch. But which one is the better option for you? That depends on a variety of factors as you might imagine. It all comes down to understanding what you expect and what features you want the most. That being said, here you have a few tips and tricks on how you can choose the right one for you.

Picking the right smartwatch will help you track your health and fitness goals.Activity Tracking

Both smartwatches are measuring the calories burned, the distance you travel, and the number of steps that you are taking every day. Fitbit also has a barometric altimeter that counts how much you climbed, and it syncs the weight data from their dedicated scales. It also focuses a lot on performance and sports fitness. Apple Watch is suitable for active and everyday fitness. So if you are very serious about performance, something like a Fitbit might be the right thing for you. Otherwise, Apple Watch will still be pretty good.

Setting Goals

When you want to perform fitness tasks to help you reach your individual fitness goals, you want a simple interface and ease of use. Apple doesn’t allow you to set goals for any metrics, which Fitbit does. You can have goals for distance, floors climbed, hourly activity goals, active zone minutes, step goals, and so on. 

Heart Rate Monitoring

Both devices are very good here. Fitbit monitors the heart rate constantly, whereas the Apple Watch has a deep breath system that measures the heart rate very well. It will check the heart rate every 10 minutes. Both smartwatches check for heart irregularities, like atrial fibrillation for example. Another nice feature is that they both have ECG tests, which are crucial for one’s health.

Oxygen Saturation Levels

It’s imperative to know the current blood oxygen saturation levels. With that in mind, the Apple Watch and Fitbit smartwatch have a sensor dedicated to identifying blood oxygen saturation. Apple Watch is faster here, which makes it one of the top options to focus on in a situation like this. 

Sleep Monitoring

While the Apple Watch is pretty good at sleep monitoring, the Fitbit smartwatch is much better. It has a much better battery life, and it’s more accurate as a whole. They do a very good job at identifying how well you sleep, and this will help you assess what you can improve sleep-wise.


When it comes to choosing a smartwatch, Apple Watch and Fitbit products are a very good picks for fitness enthusiasts. The Apple Watch is more suitable for the casual person that wants to track their fitness from time to time. Fitbit products are offering more complex information and they are suitable for professionals or those that need a lot more fitness info. It’s a good idea to test both of them out and see which one works for you. The great thing is that they are incredible smartwatch options, so it’s more about personal preference than anything else!