Tabata training is a highly effective exercise program that has proven to help you lose weight and get you the best workout in a short amount of time.Tabata training, also known as the Tabata protocol, is a type of high intensity, fast and furious form of interval training. Interval training is defined as a high intensity exercise routine broken up by timed breaks. An example of a Tabata program can be a set of sprints followed by a timed break followed by a sprint, followed by a timed break and so on.

When done at high intensity, Tabata training usually can be described as anaerobic exercise. Tabata training is a great took to add to your fitness training because it is both simple to follow and very effective at improving cardiovascular conditioning. Tabata training also is an effective method in any weight-loss program.

What is Tabata Training?

Tabata training was created by a Japanese researcher who compared the results of a set of middle-intensity athletes against those of high-intensity athletes who both used interval training. The athletes who performed moderate levels of intensity saw significant increases in their cardiovascular fitness levels. The same results where seen in the high intensity group, however, they also saw increases in their anaerobic system, as well.

Tabata training can be performed in very small amounts of time. A popular series of workouts utilize the Tabata protocol to create four minute workout intervals. Any exercise can be incorporated into Tabata training, so it will be beneficial for people of all levels of fitness levels. Since the high intensity of the workout is subjective to each person, it can be used by any fitness coach or individual in achieving their goals—be it weight loss or building muscle mass.

Why Choose a Tabata Workout?

Tabata training can help with weight loss due to the high intensity of the workout. The short burst of exercise followed by rest periods will teach the body to prepare itself for the next interval. While the exercise interval may be very difficult, the body will react to this by increasing its metabolic rate so it is prepared for the next exercise interval. The increase in metabolic rate will lead to more calories being burned.

Example of tabata training ideas from

Example of tabata training ideas from

By doing the exercises at such a high level of intensity, you are pushing the body to use the anaerobic system as well as the aerobic system so the body will require lots of calories. Typically, the body will not have energy in your blood glucose so it will begin to burn fat to make up this caloric deficit.

While endurance training has long been known to be hugely beneficial for weight-loss goals, it lacks the speed and intensity associated with Tabata training. Many people who want to lose weight will lack the motivation or the time to perform endurance exercises. Our modern lifestyles also means that we have less personal time available and Tabata training is an excellent choice since it saves time by doing timed intervals. You can get a great workout done in less than 30 minutes.

Tabata training also requires very little equipment. Typically, your own body weight, a timer and a diary of what you do is sufficient. While a lot of people may prefer doing exercises with weights, it is not necessary as variations can also replicate exercises using your own body instead.

I highly recommend you incorporate Tabata training in your fitness programs. You will be surprised at how much you can accomplish in such a short amount of time.