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The Skinny On Fiber And Weight Loss

Mary, one of my many personal fitness clients in Fort Collins, asked me an interesting question during our most recent outdoor training session. Since we had such a productive conversation I thought I’d address it here as well. The topic? Fiber. How much? What kind? And is all the hype about weight loss and fiber…

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The Health Benefits Of Static Stretching

There was a time that almost everyone stretched before they worked out. Clients tipped from side to side, straddled and stretched their way to some pretty uncomfortable positions. As a personal trainer in Fort Collins, Colorado, with years of experience in the fitness industry, I’ve spent more than my fair share of time desperately trying…

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Wonderful Health Benefits of Jumping Rope

Regrettably, even in a somewhat small town like Fort Collins, folks can make exercise seem awfully complicated. I’ve heard my personal fitness clients debate the pros of cons of early morning vs. evening workouts, fight over which foods constitute the best post-workout fare, and even engage in epic arguments about free weights, how fast (or…

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How Your Kitchen Sabotages Your Fitness and Weight Loss Goals

As a personal fitness trainer in Fort Collins, I see plenty of well-intentioned folks take the right steps toward getting in shape.  Some start biking to work, join a gym or find a new more physically challenging hobby. Others avoid fried foods, lay off the sugar, or even make big life changes like quitting smoking.…

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Squats Pave The Path To Powerful Legs

As Dianne prepared to complete her final exercise of the day, the dreaded triple set of leg squats, she moaned, “Oh, these squats, I hate them!  They kill me!” And so it is with the king of leg development, the squat. My personal training clients in Fort Collins hang out at opposite ends of the…

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The Top 5 Core Exercises (In My Humble Opinion)

Does the following sound familiar? On Monday, you focus on strengthening your biceps, Even though you divide your muscle groups by the day of the week, you always end your workouts the same way—crunching your way through a dreaded (and frightfully boring) abdominal workout.  Are all of these crunches really strengthening your core muscles? And…

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The Top Ten Stress Busting Tips

Let’s face it. Stress is inescapable. Even for someone who has a great job, happily married, has many interests and hobbies. A lot of my Fort Collins personal training clients are always complaining that they don’t have enough time, not enough money and not enough energy. Constant stress is not a healthy companion. Read on…

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Working with a Workout Partner

Find a workout partner to keep things interesting in your routine!

As I work with my personal fitness training clients in Fort Collins, I hear things-a lot of things, actually about my clients and their lives. I hear about their kids, their neighbors’ barking dogs and their work. I also hear them ask about workout partners while they are training with me. They ask, “Do you…

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Fort Collins Restaurants: 5 Tips for Eating Healthy

Indulge in the many Fort Collins restaurants available but keep in mind these 5 expert healthy eating tips!

Fort Collins restaurants offer an array of choices: all-American diners, late-night waffle joints, sophisticated cafes, robust Italian menus, Asian and Indian fare galore—just to name a few. As a personal trainer, I encourage all of my personal training clients to eat at all of them … with some healthy guidelines of course. Just because you…

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